MUST WATCH: Senator Tim Scott Shames Biden for Using Jim Crow Language in Describing Voting Rules Bill

MUST WATCH: Senator Tim Scott Shames Biden for Using Jim Crow Language in Describing Voting Rules Bill
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It’s not a Voting Rights bill, it’s a Voting Rules bill. Let’s start there, because the idea that there are still non-felon citizens (and even that is changing) fighting for their right to vote is ridiculous. The Democrat party knows this, they’re just clinging to whatever rhetoric they think will work at this point. Given that Martin Luther King’s great-granddaughter was out there recently lamenting that she had fewer civil rights at 13 than she did when she was born, it certainly does seem effective in some ignorant circles.

Democrats have no other playbook to use than the one they’ve been using for the last 75 years. When in doubt, pull the race card. What the Democrat complex, along with their cohorts in Big Tech and the mainstream media, was able to accomplish in 2020 certainly secured an undeserved victory for Biden, but it also ignited a new era of voter fraud awareness amongst their opponents.

Now that the GOP is finally actively taking steps to guarantee election integrity moving forward, Democrats are in panic mode. They’ve been so accustomed to an inactive GOP that they never imagined individual states would begin taking real, quantifiable steps to protect their elections from anything like the chaos we saw in 2020. A simple request, like requiring legal identification before casting a vote, sends the Democrat Party bourgeoisie into complete panic, because they know requiring identification makes voting less likely to be corrupted. Their only defense now is the race card.

In an era where the entire country is more diversified, and the Republican Party is taking the reins as the party of the working class, the old Democrat playbook seems increasingly outdated.

Enter Senator Tim Scott, who used his time to rightly shame President Biden’s rhetoric surrounding the Voting Rules bill they are trying to jam through Congress right now. Scott gets everything right, including his worthy righteous indignation. It is particularly pathetic to compare anything in modern American life to the Jim Crow era, considering there are people still living who were the victims of that era. The fact that he is standing on the floor of the United States Senate as a Senator, and the fact that this Black woman is actually writing an article about it from her middle class home, surrounded by her middle class Black family, should be proof enough to shame Joe Biden for his race-pimping. If Gina Carano can lose her Hollywood career simply for mentioning how neighbors turned against neighbors during the Holocaust, we sure as hell shouldn’t be looking the other way while the President invokes a horrific period in American history for brownie points.

Here is Scott’s view on that:

As I listen to the president talk about the importance of stopping what he characterized as Jim Crow 2.0, I felt frustration and irritation rising in my souls. As I keep hearing the references to Jim Crow, I ask myself how many Americans understand what Jim Crow was. I am so thankful, thankful that we are not living in those days. [My grandfather] was born in 1921…he could tell the stories of the Jim Crow South in the Jim Crow era; an era where in order for a black person to vote, you had to pass a literacy test. Now if you could read at that point, it would not just be a test on whether you can read. It would be a test to see if you know, who your governor was 20 years before you were getting ready to vote. It would include the threat of being lynched, literally killed because those in power wanted to stop black folks from realizing and fully participating in the greatest nation on Earth and exercising what I believe is a fundamental responsibility and right of Americans.

Scott went on to say that threats against Black voters would involve threats of beatings, intimidation, and job losses. He brought up the Georgia voting law and the disingenuous way progressive activists were describing it, saying that the initial hysterical reaction to the law from Joe Biden prompted him to go read it again for himself. What he saw was nothing even close to Jim Crow. Scott blasted the President and his allies for suggesting the Georgia voting law makes it illegal to get water while you’re standing in line. He notes this is patently ridiculous, and it is plain in the text of the law.

By the way, I broke down both the GA election integrity bill and the TX election integrity bill on my podcast recently (which you can find anywhere you find your podcasts). I went through line-by-line, so no one had any excuses not to know exactly what was in both. I will tell you what wasn’t in both – Jim Crow.


Now, that claim has been proven false. It is not illegal to get water while waiting in line…the only time it’s illegal to bring someone water in line is if you are campaigning for someone…if you are an election worker or a relative, of course you can bring a person water.

The South Carolina Senator continued to scold the President for his irresponsible rhetoric that diminishes the true horror of the Jim Crow era for those who actually experienced it.

So [if that was] all the new Jim Crow era, it looks nothing like the past.

Scott is right. The President and every Democrat using this argument should be ashamed. They are spitting on the graves of those who came before us and suffered tremendously for the right of these progressive loons to stand up in front of the whole country and abuse Black pain for white lies.

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