WATCH: Father of Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Shreds Australian Fascism - "They Want Us on Our Knees"

(AP Photo/Andy Wong)

Serbian tennis champion Novak Djokovic is the latest innocent victim to be sacrificed on the altar of COVID at the Australian cult headquarters. The reigning Australian Open champ has not been vaccinated against COVID but he has already contracted it and recovered from it. Two separate medical boards cleared him to return to play without the vaccination, concluding that his natural immunity should satisfy Australia’s supposed safety protocols. Australia agreed and allowed Djokovic entry, but then he made the mistake of celebrating his travels, and all hell broke loose.


Rightfully so, Australians were outraged. After two years of increasingly fascistic and draconian lockdown punishments on the average Australian citizen, the fact that the nation’s leaders think it’s not safe for people to move about freely to work and school but it is safe for world-class sporting events to continue must feel like a slap in the face. They let their leaders know as much, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison was then forced to pretend like he didn’t approve the entry of the world’s best tennis player into their tournament and held a press conference announcing his righteous indignation.

It was all blatantly political and remains so. Australia claims they have revoked Djokovic’s exemptions and they are currently detaining him. However, Djokovic’s father made a public statement from Serbia on Thursday, directly and passionately contradicting the Australian authorities and accusing them of imprisoning his son. The senior Djokovic said this isn’t about safety but about humiliating his son, preventing him from competing fairly, and “stomping” on Serbia. He went on to give a rousing speech about the creeping COVID fascism around the globe.

“Novak and his team filed the same documents as 25 other tennis players (who received exemptions) and they didn’t have any problems, just Novak.They wanted to humiliate him. They could have said ‘don’t come Novak’ and that would have been okay. But no, they wanted to humiliate him and they’re still keeping him in prison. He’s not in detention, he’s in prison. They took all of his stuff, even his wallet, they left him with just his phone and no change of clothes, nowhere to wash his face. Our pride is a prisoner of these idiots, shame on them, the whole free world together with Serbia should rise. This isn’t a battle for Serbia and Novak, it’s a battle for billions of people, for freedom of expression, for free speech, freedom of behavior. Novak didn’t break any laws, just as seven billion people didn’t break any laws, they want to subdue us and for us all to be on our knees.”


My colleague Jerry Wilson sums up the real issue nicely in his previous article on the Djokovic mess.

One, there can be zero doubt Morrison felt compelled to go full blustery buffaloing bull due to major pushback from Australian citizens who, from the COVID panicdemic’s onset, have been subjected to abuse of the worst kind by their government in the name of slowing the spread. Which, to the surprise of no one, hasn’t worked. The sheeple media has attempted to paint a picture of public hue and cry over Djokovic’s original exemption. Still, in Realville, the anger is aimed at their own government’s sledgehammering of its citizens. (Yo, Aussies — might I suggest voting different next time around?)

Second, and perhaps even more important, is how the “trust the science” brigade, said science fervently hoping short-term memory loss is in play so no one will remember the “science” can’t tell the same story two days consecutively, is that Djokovic has protection against COVID those who’ve been jobbed by getting the jive jab do not enjoy. Namely, having already had, and recovered from, COVID. Natural immunity appears to be the best immunity at this point.

This isn’t about COVID anymore. It’s about control and we all know that now and Novak Djokovic’s father is simply saying the quiet part out loud at this point.



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