Unsolicited Advice: Killing Someone Should Make You Feel Bad

Alec Baldwin is currently in the middle of a media campaign to rehabilitate his name after killing a woman mere weeks ago.

Like ya do.

The details of the shooting that led to the death of beloved cinematographer Helyna Hutchins is still under investigation. Baldwin deserves his due process, but there is no doubt that it was he who held the gun and pointed the gun that fired the bullet that killed Hutchins and injured one other.

We don’t know if Baldwin actually pulled the trigger. I mean, intelligent people can surmise, but in a “tell-all exclusive” with George Stephanopoulos, Baldwin made the incredible claim that he held the gun and the gun fired but he did not pull the trigger.

Baldwin’s interview was tragic but unsurprising. He’s been a Hollywood star for nearly his entire adult life. In his youth he was considered one of the sexiest men alive. He married a beautiful model and actress and went through a dramatic public divorce. He was caught on a vicious voicemail calling his young teen daughter a “rude, thoughtless, little pig”. He is a beloved Saturday Night Live repeat host and he has enjoyed a spectacular second act in his career as a tv star and a podcast host.

In short, Alec Baldwin’s life has been all about Alec Baldwin. It is unsurprising that he is unable to step back from this horrific incident and quietly mourn or quietly wait for an investigation or quietly ponder his role in the death of another human being. Or quietly exist. He has a Hollywood heart – everything is publicity.

And that is truly pathetic, because Helyna Hutchins and her family deserve at least a smidge of grief from Baldwin, and if he can’t summon that, they at least deserve his humble silence.

His interview with Stephanopoulos was so blatantly self-centered it was shocking. Alec Baldwin is a truly talented actor, but his performance in the ABC interview was yet another reason why people should only be entertained by actors and definitely should not get their political talking points from actors. Great actors are good at regurgitating the words someone else writes. Unscripted, they’re rarely in Oscar-worthy form.

Baldwin was aiming at a Razzie award with that performance and if he had a shred of decency he’d think of Hutchins’ family watching and at least be able to muster up some shame.

Here’s a little unsolicited advice for you, Mr.Baldwin:

When you kill someone, it should make you feel bad. 

Not for yourself, not for your career, but for the fact that -accident or no – your actions took the life of a living human being. There is a consequence for that. Men come home from war bruised and broken for having taken the lives of others, and those others were the “bad guys.” People who kill in self defense often report years of depression, anxiety and guilt.

I knew a woman many years ago who hit a young man while driving on the Capital Beltway while on her way to work in the pre-dawn hours. It wasn’t her fault. He was trying to kill himself, and that’s exactly what he did when he stepped in front of her speeding car. She was unhurt, but the trauma of that event stuck with her for many years, and in many ways she never really recovered. She had to take a leave from work and take many hours of therapy. She was in no way responsible, but she is a decent human being and decent human beings will and should be traumatized when they are involved in the death of another human being. It is not natural for us to take life, or even to witness the taking of life. Even when the victim may have deserved their demise, there is still a type of grief that overtakes a good person. Watching the light go out of a human’s eyes is a heavy burden.

Yet, to look at you, Mr. Baldwin, you seem to feel no regret or trauma at all. In fact, you had the audacity to say you felt no guilt at all. I don’t know of a single, normal, decent, feeling human being who has been involved in an event that ended up hurting someone in some way, who didn’t feel at least a smidge guilty. Hell, I apologize to my dog when I trip over her as she blocks my every step to the bathroom. It’s not my fault at all, and yet I feel at least a tiny bit badly when I step on her paw.

You killed a woman. I do not believe it was intentional, but the fact is that you killed a woman. I have yet to hear you frame what happened in any way that is close to revealing your sympathy for the family of Helyna Hutchins. Everything has revolved around you. What you went through was an incredible trauma and yet two days after your actions killed a woman, you were out to eat with your wife, talking to the paparazzi and trying to get ahead of the narrative.

You didn’t even have the decency to pretend you were mourning.

You should be ashamed, but I don’t think you know how to be ashamed.

So take my advice for the next time you’re in a jam and your narcissism kicks in…people like to see remorse. So wait a few days before putting your mug in front of the press and when you do, don’t talk about yourself…at all. Talk about the victims. Feign sympathy and regret and then go home and shut up.

And don’t bother dusting off your Trump impression. You are now officially a worse person than Trump.


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