List Service With Kira Davis: Happy Thanksgiving!

List Service with Kira Davis

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Happy Thanksgiving. I’m taking the week off but if you’d like to be entertained please enjoy my list of favorite Thanksgiving video clips.

Don’t spend today worrying about politics or strife. This is the one day we all take simply rest in gratitude. You can get back to the battle tomorrow.



1.Charlie Brown is a staple of the holiday season. Remember when cartoons were just sweet?

2.Thanksgiving is DY-NO-MITE!

3.I love this clip because it encapsulates how weird and awkward family dinners can get. I love the guy who continues to argue even as he has his eyes closed for Prayer. If you haven’t seen Instant Family I highly recommend it. It’s a sweet movie about the challenges of fostering and adoption.

4.The WKRP Turkey Drop…a Thanksgiving must.

5.Remember when people prayed on tv and it wasn’t ironic or insulting?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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