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Logic in the public square is dead.

You don’t have to be an Expert Scientist™ to know that natural immunity is the best defense against any dangerous virus, and if you have it, it renders vaccinations kind of pointless. I’ve had the chicken pox. I don’t need the chicken pox vaccine to make sure I never get the chicken pox again. There is a small possibility I could contract the chicken pox again, but my natural immunity will render it weaker should that happen.


And yet here we are, mandating COVID vaccines and publicly shaming anyone who prefers not to take one, without any regard to the fact that many who refuse the vaccine have already had COVID and are swimming in natural antibodies.

We’ve been forced to endure the never-ending mantra, “Masks are to protect other people so if you don’t wear one you are condemning your fellow Americans to sickness and death.” The people who repeat that daily prayer are the very same people who gleefully share stories of “anti-maskers” contracting and even dying of COVID. “They didn’t wear a mask! That’s what you get!” But if masks are for “the safety of others” then the logic does not follow that not wearing one automatically condemns one to contracting the virus.

And yet, here we are, mandating masks with no proof, and absolutely no reasonable summations, that they make a discernible difference to healthy people as they go about their daily lives…certainly not for children.

We’ve been told that over and over again that our children are in danger at school if they are not masked and vaccinated. We’re told this despite the overwhelming evidence that the fatal risk to children is statistically near zero. The Europeans – whom progressives often look to as the model of who we should be in America – have been sending their children to school (many unmasked), this entire time. They’ve been fine, even as they choose to restrict adults in other areas. The one thing they’ve been careful to maintain is a logical approach to children and education.


And yet, here we are, back to talking about school closures, mandating vaccines that have no long-term studies for children who don’t need them, masking kids in school and canceling school activities based on political edicts rather than medical realities.

We’ve been told that locking down our communities, shutting down our businesses and restricting the social movements and activities of people is the way to protect ourselves from a pandemic. Still, the places that have locked down the harshest have not escaped COVID. It’s almost as if you can’t really hide from a microscopic virus that no one can see or hear coming, nor control what it does or when it decides to attack your immune system. It’s been victim blaming in its most hideous form and yet even the virtual prison state of New Zealand has recently admitted that harsh lockdowns aren’t a realistic solution to stopping a pandemic.

And yet here we are under constant threat of more lockdowns. In California, Governor Gavin Newsom has had emergency powers for nearly two years, with no sign of relinquishing them at any point. He maintains sole authority to shut down the state on a moment’s notice, despite there being not a single grain of knowledge or evidence that it works.

Fear has replaced personal responsibility. COVID purity has replaced religion. Politicians have replaced God.


Reasonable people have made compromises in the name of peace, but unfortunately unreasonable people understand neither the nature of compromise nor the nature of peace.

Yesterday the FBI released a chilling memo targeting parents across the nation who are standing up to their dictatorial school boards against the incursion of Critical Race Theory, explicit Sex Ed curriculums, and outright corruptions. They labeled concerned parents as domestic terrorists. This comes after Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists burned down practically half of urban America – including a church – with nary a peep from the current administration or the FBI. We were admonished for believing our “lying eyes” and wondering why law enforcement wasn’t protecting Americans from this type of domestic terrorism. We are being told that violent dissent is patriotic and peaceful, but parents shouting in school board meetings are the real terrorists.

If it feels like nothing around you makes sense anymore, that’s because nothing makes sense anymore. Logic has been murdered by Joe Biden and a sycophantic progressive media. The progressive complex is now dragging Logic’s bruised and bloodied corpse around the public square, all the while reassuring us that they’re just trying to get it to the hospital for care.

I advocate for reason and logic. I believe we must continue to demand both be given safe harbor in the nation that is the last, best hope for freedom.


But sometimes it takes more than that. For those leaders who have abandoned logic to the savages, there is no reason. They have no ears to hear. We only have two recourses left: vote and disobey.

The voting will come in its time. Disobedience is yours in this very moment should you choose it.

I’m not saying it will be easy, or even that your entire life needs to be an act of disobedience. We all have different ideas about where the line is and what we’re willing to do to stand on that line. I encourage you to start small. Find the place you feel most comfortable in displaying your disobedience. Perhaps you’re not willing put your kids in the line of fire with the mask weirdness, but maybe you start choosing to walk into certain mask-mandated places without a mask and see what happens (please be polite to the overwhelmed employees who have been made unwilling health inspectors). Maybe you refuse to obey vaccine mandates. Maybe you *gasp* celebrate Christmas with your entire family this year. Maybe you keep sending your kid to public school and dare the school to expel them for not being vaccinated and see how far you can push your district.

Maybe you get out in the streets and protest and scream and shout. Maybe you commit to running for a local office or writing your representative once or twice a week.

It’s your choice, but at this point, if we are to preserve what is left of the American Dream, we must reach back and avail ourselves of the spirits of our ancestors – our rebellious Founding Fathers; a class of defiant slaves; our Civil Rights Era heroes – all of them. We must become like them once again before we wake up one day and find ourselves with no options at all.



Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves. – Henry David Thoreau


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