Andy Ngo Has Been Permanently Banned From Soundcloud

On the same day that YouTube banned (and then reinstated) Right Wing Watch – the YouTube channel dedicated to mocking conservative outlets – reporter Andy Ngo has been permanently banned from Soundcloud.


His podcast, ‘Things You Should Ngo’ was banned “on grounds of being dedicated to violating” Soundcloud’s rules. Unsurprisingly, as Ngo’s publication The Post Millennial reports, there’s a problem with the explanation.

However, the latest episode of the podcast was uploaded more than one year ago and there was no option in the notification email for Ngo to appeal or even seek further information.

Over the weekend, SoundCloud’s Trust & Safety Team informed Ngo via email of the permanent ban for “violating” the site’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, which state that users must not use the platform to create content “that is abusive, libellous, defamatory, pornographic or obscene, that promotes or incites violence, terrorism, illegal acts, or hatred on the grounds of race, ethnicity, cultural identity, religious belief, disability, gender, identity or sexual orientation, or is otherwise objectionable in SoundCloud’s reasonable discretion.”

Ngo has interviewed political figures and intellectuals from Jordan Peterson to Dave Rubin to controversial figures who question all manner of narratives from the mainstream media.

He is also no stranger to persecution. He has been under both physical and professional attack for his truthful reporting about Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots. Ngo has also faced de-platforming and personal threats for his debunking of hate crimes across North America.


The move to ban Ngo’s podcast today is especially notable in the face of complaints from the progressive media set after RWW’s YouTube ban.

Former MSNBC host Krystal Ball took to Twitter to complain about the ban, but also demand outrage from “conservatives who pretend to care about censorship but never say a word when left [wing] ideas are censored.”

Of course, Krystal has been nothing but insulting towards conservatives who have been warning about the infectious oppressiveness of Big Tech censorship.

Nothing changes until everyone – including the progressives who invented Cancel Culture – is forced to play by the same rules.

Will we see Krystal Ball and her friends on the progressive left race to the defense of Andy Ngo’s free expression?

I won’t hold my breath.


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