Historic: Judge Robin Ransom Named First Black Woman to Missouri State Supreme Court

Missouri Governor Mike Parson (R) has made an historic appointment to the state’s Supreme Court.

On Monday, Parson appointed Judge Robin Ransom to fill a vacancy on the highest court in the state. The Governor noted that while he understood the historic nature of the appointment, Ransom was chosen because of the merits of her accomplished career.


“I am confident she will be a fair enforcer of the law,” Parson said at a press conference outside his office.

“Of course it is not lost on me the historic nature of this appointment, to be the first African American woman appointed to the Missouri Supreme Court,” Ransom said. “This is a very happy day for my mom, myself and my entire family.”

Ransom is a graduate of Rutgers and a St. Louis native and has spent her career weaving her way through the St. Louis justice system. The St.Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Ransom was also the first Black woman appointed to the 22nd Judicial Court Circuit.

Ransom also has worked for the St. Louis County public defender’s office and the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney’s office, as well as the St. Louis County Family Court-Juvenile Division. She was later appointed to be Family Court commissioner in 2002 and remained there until her appointment to the circuit court in 2008.

“As a lawyer and a judge I’ve tried to be compassionate,” Ransom said.

Ransom’s appointment comes at a time when the nation has become hyper-focused on racial equality and justice. Kudos to Governor Parson for emphasizing that while Ransom is certainly worthy of being recognized as a historic Missourian, she deserves to be acknowledged for her stellar career and service to her state.

These are the success stories we need to keep telling. America is a nation that produces incredible women like this one, despite our difficult past and current woes. We are always growing, and the proof is in the caliber of citizens this nation consistently produces.

Congratulations to Missouri and to Judge Ransom. We wish her even more success in her career.



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