Kira Davis: We Must Draw the Line at Vaccine Passports

AP Photo/Hans Pennink

This past week I challenged conservatives who have been hoping for a logical and reasonable dialogue to open up with the other ideological side of the aisle to stand up and draw their lines. The time has come.

The onslaught of dishonesty has been relentless. The progressive left isn’t happy to just let us live with our own values, our own media, our own cultural verticals. They seek to completely destroy ideological and financial competition.

They seek unity through complete elimination of the other side.

There are times for compromise and times to draw a line in the sand, and friends, the latter has arrived. It is time to draw our lines.

During my appearance on The Larry O’Connor Show, I encouraged people to decide where their own lines are, and draw them there. It may be different for everyone. Some folks may draw the line at their airline getting involved in state voter laws. Some may draw it at oppressive transgender laws that hurt women and girls’ athletics. Some may draw their line at gun control. Wherever yours is, identify it and then stand on it and do not budge.

My personal line is vaccine passports. Watching the slow creep towards this terrifyingly fascistic development was what made me throw up my hands. I’ve had enough. I’ve worn the masks and done the distancing. I wash my hands. I’ve watched my kids lose over a year of their social lives, I’ve tolerated endless lectures and moralizing from the lockdown-forever crowd. I’ve done my part in the name of doing my part.

But these people on the other side, they don’t want to do their part. They don’t want to recognize that you can’t have all of what you want all of the time. They don’t want to compromise in any way. They don’t want to recognize the other types of pain and suffering the pandemic has caused that doesn’t involve being sick or recovering (as 99.7% of people with COVID will do…recover). They call parents evil murderers for our desperation to save the mental health of our children and send them back to school. They call restaurant owners selfish for trying to save the business they love, want, and built for their families. We’re all just supposed to sit around and put our lives and our paychecks on hold until they decide living is “safe” again.

Now they want me to provide proof of my medical history before exercising my God-given human rights of mobility and freedom of association. This is too much.

I draw my line in the sand here. I am not your enemy just because I am breathing. I am not your enemy just because I am walking or eating. I do not deserve to be marked as a “problem” for not participating in a medical treatment. Whether or not I take a vaccine is my business. If you’ve taken your vaccine, it should be of no worry if I do or not. We don’t require people to prove they’ve gotten their flu vaccine every year. You get yours and then get on with your life, assuming you have inoculated yourself. What is the difference with a COVID vaccine?

It is about control. If you can be required to show your medical history to get on a bus or go to a concert, where does it stop?

A lot of people on the left think that “where does it stop” question is a bit hysterical or paranoid. These are the same people who scream all day long about how oppressive and racist the American government is and has been since our founding. Where does it stop? Ask Frederick Douglass or Harriet Tubman or any American slave or victim of Democrat Jim Crow laws during the Civil Rights Era. The government never stops. If we can’t trust them when it comes to minorities, why would we trust them when it comes to our private health information?

And yes, I recognize that very little is private these days, but that doesn’t mean we should be empowering the government to do away with the notion altogether in the name of your “safety.”

I expect the government to protect my right to move about my country and participate in commerce freely, regardless of my medical history. This is my line. Here and farther. It is only a hop, skip, and a sew-on patch to complete fascism.

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