On International Women's Day The ACLU Boldly Tells Women That Men Are Allowed To Define Womanhood

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

In case you didn’t know it is International Women’s Day. Ostensibly this is a day in which we recognize women and celebrate womanhood.

I’ve been a woman for all forty-six years of my life and I do enjoy being recognized as a woman, so in that respect I suppose I find International Women’s Day enjoyable.


What I don’t find enjoyable is a lot of men telling me what a woman is. The progressive left is always complaining about man-spreading and mansplaining and men telling women to “just smile” and men dismissing the words of women as banal or unimportant. It is a never-ending drumbeat of sexism, hence the necessity for a whole day dedicated to international women internationally. The left hates it when men suggest women should wear make-up or be more “feminine” or conform to whatever standard the patriarchy has decided is best for women. Understandably so.

So why is the ACLU also telling women on this sacred day that we are not allowed to define for ourselves what it means to be a woman? Why is the ACLU defending the right of men to define womanhood?

This tweet honoring International Woman’s Day looks very benign and “woke” on the surface, but it is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma and tied with a bow of confusion once you actually look at it.

Trans women are women…says who? Men looking to become women? That is the very definition of what the ACLU claims to be against. Most women bristle at the idea of being told by an organization undoubtedly riddled with male energy that a man can decide he’s a woman and women have to shut up about it. They then had the nerve to follow it up with a tweet chastising anyone for “policing womanhood.”


Are you people serious? To coin the phrase of a popular podcast hosted by an extremely engaging and poignant woman…just listen to yourself.

No one gets to tell us what it means to be a woman, not our bosses or our government…except the ACLU? Except transgender people? Except the government when they choose to punish women who dare to actually express what it means to be a woman? Except your boss when they choose to see a woman as different than a man who lives as a woman?

It makes no sense. The ACLU ate their own tail before they could even salt it.

This is utter confusion…gobbly-gook intended to silence the voices of women under the guise of protecting the voices of women.

It must be called out every time we see, for the sake of all women everywhere.


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