Trump Officially Endorses Tim Scott For 2022 Senate

Trump Officially Endorses Tim Scott For 2022 Senate
AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File

At CPAC2021 in Orlando last weekend, Donald Trump addressed the eager crowd and told them that while he had no intention of starting a third party, he had every intention of throwing his influence behind solid conservative candidates in upcoming election cycles. Trump’s stated transition to “kingmaker” obviously has the establishment GOP who thought he was finally purged a little rattled. We’ve recently seen Nikki Haley and even Mitch McConnell signal a return to Trump territory. It’s clear that at least for the time being few Republican candidates are going to be successful without Trump’s support, or at the very least his indifference.

To kick off his new “kingmaker” status in his first big move after a triumphant return to CPAC, Trump has announced he will be endorsing Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) for his 2022 run. 

Scott has worked closely with Trump on justice reform and opportunity zones for Black business owners.

He is not expected to seek another term after 2022.


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