Trump Addresses Rumors of Starting a Third Party During CPAC Remarks

A lot of people have been anxious to hear what President Trump has to say about the future of the GOP. When he took the stage to an uproarious crowd on Sunday evening in Orlando, the big question was whether or not he would try to break with the Republican party. Some rumors had surfaced that he fully intended to form a third party. Several conservative organizations and personalities had floated the idea of a new party headed by Trump. Progressive media picked up the possibility as an exciting end to the GOP as we know it. They hoped to see a war inside the party.

Trump addressed the issue almost immediately. The Donald made it clear in no uncertain terms…he has no intention of starting a third party. That is every left-wing reporter’s favorite passtime – fake news.

So there you have it. If you were worried (or excited) that Trump had plans to split the GOP, he has put that thought to rest for now. At the time of this posting Trump is still on stage delivering remarks. The gist of everything so far seems to be this:

There will be no “splitting” the GOP, but there is definitely a wide chasm between the party elite and the base.