The Purge Continues: Twitter Suspends Michelle Malkin, Gateway Pundit And A Right Wing Broadcast Service

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Twitter has been keeping the censorship fires stoked. On Tuesday evening the social media giant issued another round of account suspensions for popular (if not controversial) conservative account. OANN notes that the move comes after the hashtag “hang Mike Pence” was left to trend for a full day without any action.


This occurred less than two weeks after the hashtag “hang Mike Pence” was allowed to trend on the platform for a whole night and hit over 14,000 tweets.

Michelle Malkin announced on Telegram that Twitter had locked her out of her account without warning or regular protocol. Typically Twitter warns the subject of impending suspension and that account is given an opportunity to trash the offending posts or accept the suspension.

The political commentator asserted her profile’s 24-hour suspension was politically motivated and pointed to her account’s final tweet. In her last post, she warned Americans about censorship on mass media platforms. She noted these restrictions go against the spirit of the Constitution.

This followed a 2019 interview, where she called attention to Big Tech’s short-sighted attempts to lump millions of conservatives and a small minority of extremists into a single category.

“The lines have been blurred between ordinary American patriots, whatever their color is and some fringe element that people like media matters and the southern poverty law center are trying to lump us all in as.”


Malkin was not the only right-wing account deplatformed. Gateway Pundit – which has a long history in conservative media and was one of the first blogs to break out of alternative media during the early days of blogging – also received a suspension, alongside accounts belonging to the Right Side Broadcasting Network.

Twitter confirmed the suspensions but would not specify the offending tweets that defied their community standards.

The OANN piece reporting on this on-going situation summed it up nicely (and tragically).

According to Twitter, if you’re calling attention to heaps of voter fraud evidence that threatens a Democrat politician’s political power then you’re cancelled. If you call for the hanging of a Republican vice president, however, you are a trending topic.


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