For Better Or Worse, Trump Must Fight This Legal Battle Until the Bloody, Bitter End

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We’re getting down to the wire here and most reasonable people at this point have come to terms with the fact that President Trump is probably not going to be in the Oval Office come 2021. The cards are stacked and it looks like we’re going to have to figure out how to accept that two of the worst politicians in America have managed to stumble their way into the Executive branch.


Kamala Harris was such a terrible presidential candidate that her campaign died in an epic nosedive as soon as she had to talk for longer than 30 seconds at a time. Now she’s most likely going to end up our president once the medication that is keeping Biden alive runs out.

It’s just…surreal.

For now, Donald Trump is still the president, and he is still prosecuting this election (another surreality) and though calls for him to just give up the ghost already are mounting, it is more imperative than ever that our President fights this election all the way to its bloody, bitter end.

Because without a doubt, this election was stolen.

The mountain of circumstantial evidence is overwhelming (and may I remind you that circumstantial evidence is often more than enough to convict criminals in a court of law). My colleague and Redstate poll analyst Scott Hounsell has been writing a series of articles explaining why the returns in each contested state look fishy and our writers have repeatedly covered the disturbing issues with Dominion voting machines.

But it’s more than those technical issues. On election night Trump crushed his opponent in Florida and Ohio, two bellwether states that have always, without exception, played a part in winning the presidency. Winning one of the two has always been imperative; winning both is a slam dunk.

Or at least in a world where 2020 doesn’t exist it would be.

I’ve been in politics for a long time. There is no way that a candidate would handily win Florida and Ohio and go on to lose the presidency. Any analyst will tell you it’s a statistical impossibility. And yes, I understand that statistics are made to be smashed (I was here in 2016 too) but this one defies reason, particularly when we are talking about a president who is so hated inside the Beltway. These people have been telling us for four years that they are willing to do anything to see Donald Trump removed from the White House. So on election night, when I see Florida and Ohio go to Trump and yet we still end up with President-Elect Biden…yeah, you better believe I’m calling bullshit on that one.


And then there was the counting. I’ve never seen multiple states just quit counting on election night. That would be like the Olympics delaying the gold medal rounds until the following year. It doesn’t work like that, it’s never worked like that, there is no precedent for it. Couple that with the fact that Trump was leading in every state that suddenly stopped counting and then as counting resumed Biden pulled ahead. It takes a hefty measure of cognitive dissonance to not smell anything rotten there.

Trump won FL, won OH and then went on to build up an 800,000 lead in PA…and still lost PA?

Bull. Shit.

Liberals and progressives scoff at the legal fight, sticking their noses in the air as they haughtily tell the rest of us that only a moron thinks you can rig a national election.

Really? Then why have you all been bitching for four about Russia stealing Hillary’s rightful seat in the White House?

Also, if you understand anything about electoral politics (which most progressives do not as they only read and watch their own media and call that being “informed”) you know that it isn’t necessary to rig an entire nation to win an election. You merely need to rig key counties. Urban voting centers like Philadelphia and Atlanta (as well as the entire southern portion of California) have been wrought with voter fraud and voting irregularities for years. It’s practically par for the course, but no one makes a fuss about it because…why?

Because when a candidate wins FL and/or OH that candidate is certain to be the next President. We’ve rarely needed to contest the crappy voting oversight in those places. Victory is always clear on election night (and don’t let anyone tell you it was’t clear in 2000…it was, the Gore team just wouldn’t give it up), so we typically take the approach of “Oh, those crazy kids!” and move on.


As it turned out, we needed to be paying attention to those “crazy kids” much more closely.

And then there is the indirect but reliable measure of enthusiasm. The enthusiasm gap between Trump and Biden was outrageously huge. There is no doubt that Trump has been so hated and the media so invested in presenting him as hated that 70 million people did vote for Biden just to spite Trump but I’ll never believe that Biden won from a basement while Trump campaigned like a true champion even as he was running the nation. He was relentless in those final weeks and the crowd sizes were absurd given the current pandemic. The enthusiasm for the Trump team seemed insurmountable. There is no way Biden and Harris jumped over that by holding rallies for 10 people at a time.

I’ll die on that hill.

As Trump has told us before, this is a movement, not an administration. In my mind, and the minds of so many other Trump voters, it is clear that we have witnessed the largest election fraud in American history. Not only does he owe it to the movement to fight for every last legality, he owes it to future voters. America can never afford another election like this one ever again. If cheaters win with ease they will be emboldened in the next elections and then America becomes the United States of California, where it is nearly impossible to win without cheating.

Our great nation cannot afford such permissions.

Even if it is a losing battle, President Trump must continue this fight until the last drop of dye-dribble sweat hits the pavement. His fight is not for his job, his fight is for the integrity of every election to come heretofore.



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