[WATCH] The Lincoln Project Outdoes Itself With Insane New Anti-Trump Ad


The Lincoln Project is a PAC dedicated to wrestling True Conservatismâ„¢ from the COVID-infected hands of President Donald Trump. Although staffed by some very intelligent and accomplished people, The Lincoln Project crew suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome as much as any liberal activist group these days.

Case in point: their latest ad, which has this writer convinced that they are not really organizing anymore and simply trolling the Right.

In the one minute video, a young boy sleeps peacefully in his bed. We see the door of his bedroom open and in walks his mother. She slowly steps to his bedside. She is dressed in a formless black dress, reminiscent of a kind of mourning sack. The tv is playing in the background. We can hear chanting but can’t really make out the words. She kneels gently next to him and for a moment pauses to enjoy the beautiful innocence that can only be captured in the face of a sleeping child. She gently nudges him. He’s asked her to wake him when the winner of the election is announced. Somberly, painfully, the mother gives him the bad news.

“Trump. Trump won the election.”

Her son opens his eyes a little more in confusion. “But I thought you could only be the president two times?”

The mother looks at her precious son, and now we see the look on her face turn from sadness and melancholy to terror.

“Not anymore.”

The volume from the television begins to rise, and we finally hear the chanting that has been playing in the background this whole time, as the mother looks on in abject horror. The crowd is chanting, “Four more years! Four more years!”

The video ends with a very serious directive.



Watch it here. Barstool’s characterization of the video is spot on. “Absurd” is the only word to describe what you’re about to watch.