Hilarious: Comedian JP Sears Tells America What It's REALLY Like to Live in California These Days

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Residents of the People’s Republic of California these days have two choices: laugh or cry.

Climate change — or the fact that we live in a desert; your choice — has made it too dry for tears, so laughter is the only other choice we have to express emotion.


Thankfully, comedian, podcaster, and fitness enthusiast JP Sears is here to help us laugh at our tragedy. Sears is well known for his “peace-loving, yoga mat hippie” takedowns of social justice culture. One can imagine that this is exactly the type of person he comes across a lot in his fitness circles, and he has his impersonation nailed down to a science.

In this latest video, Sears extolls the “virtues” of California living — homelessness, hypocritical politicians, high taxes, and more.

Hi, I’m living in the world’s largest prison, it’s called California…I assure you it’s never been better living in California. The freedom-suppressing thing that’s strong in California is so fashionable right now. The communist-like lockdowns, wear a mask everywhere you go, stay off the beach orders. Basically you-have-to-put-yourself-in-a-bodybag orders. I understand why California has such a large prison population. People are trying to get in just to have a little freedom.

Funny, not funny. How many times a week do I tell myself I should just become homeless so I can have access to all their freedoms?  No masks, no quarantines, no taxes. You even get to steal up to $950 of goods per day without prosecution. It’s a dream!

There’s a gold rush in California right now. Yeah, you can’t work here which means you can’t spend your time earning money which means you can spend your time panning for gold!


In a state that has currently halted unemployment claims for 2 weeks while they investigate a 600,000 claim backlog and millions of dollars in fraud losses, panning for gold is as good an idea as any I’ve seen lately.

People say we have a problem with homelessness here? Completely untrue! We are having no problem growing it at exponential rates. Seeing tent cities all over the place? It’s basically camping, people enjoying the wilderness. It’s good for you. I think we need more of it…I for one don’t want to raise my kids in a place where they don’t have to walk across human feces and needles just to get to their front door. How else would they learn about Hepatitis C?

Like I said, it’s laugh or cry here. Sears didn’t let Pelosi off the hook, addressing her public support of masks indoors while showing up to a closed hair salon with no mask in order to get her highlights.

She got caught not wearing a mask at a salon. She never meant for anyone to find out. It was an honest mistake!

Enjoy this gem of a video and make sure you give JP some ‘likes’ and ‘shares.’




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