BREAKING: Trump to Declare ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization

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Seattle antifa

After days of rioting, mayhem and destruction the Trump administration is finally taking action to curb and address the root of the problem.

Marches in protest of police brutality and demanding justice for George Floyd began largely peacefully over three days ago. Protests spread across the nation but remained respectful.


Then came the anarchists.

ANTIFA haslong been known to be an inciting organization hell bent on sowing destruction and chaos in the name of justice or communism or something. No one really knows but the truth is, some people just want to watch the world burn. They are extremely violent, mostly white and middle/upper class, and have no interest in racial politics or fighting for equality.

As protests grew across the country, they went from peaceful to all-out anarchy in a matter of hours. While virtue-signalers like Joe Biden and model Chrissy Teigen vowed to bail out “protesters”, genuine protesters on the ground in every major city began reporting that they were discovering some of the most violent actors were from out of town. From Atlanta to Cleveland to Los Angeles, there seemed to be an organized effort to reap mass destruction.


As it became more and more clear that outside forces were deliberately hijacking peaceful protests and deliberately destroying largely minority communities, more and more people began demanding that city and state leaders take more action in squashing the violent outside elements.

On Sunday morning President Trump tweeted that the United States was finally taking the threat of ANTIFA to our communities very seriously. We will be declaring ANTIFA a terrorist organization.

This is a big deal because it will allow the United States to legally mobilize anti-terrorism law enforcement efforts, begin investigating roots and cells and use appropriate force to protect American communities from the organized terrorism of this communist-backed group.

ANTIFA has been a silent thorn in the side of this country for far too long. Left-wing media has chosen to ignore their threat because they don’t add anything positive to their preferred narratives.


We can’t forget the name that ignited all this – George Floyd. But perhaps his tragic murder will not be in vain. Perhaps his life will lead to more justice, better policing standards and at the same time expose and destroy the nefarious elements in this country that have no interest in seeing us be better as a nation but would prefer to watch everything we’ve all worked for burn to the ground.

At the end of the day we’re all Americans, but ANTIFA is decidedly anti American. Good for Donald Trump for finally telling them the buck stops here.


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