Lockdown Lunacy: California County Bans 'Social Distancing' Car Parade Celebrations

Neighbors celebrate a local teenager's 'coronavirus' 18th birthday with car parade


Neighbors celebrate a local teenager’s ‘coronavirus’ 18th birthday with car parade

In the never-ending parody that has become known as “lockdown”, California continues to lead the way in draconian insanity.


The northern county of Santa Clara has banned car parade celebrations, saying they present a health risk. Car parades have become a popular way to celebrate life events during quarantine without breaking social distancing rules. It is unclear how people in their own cars represent a contagion problem but Santa Clara officials seem to believe that anyone leaving their home for any reason is a danger that needs to be stamped out.

CBS5 News reports:

Santa Clara County leaders say even though no one is getting out of their cars during these types of celebrations, it’s still a violation of the shelter-in-place order issued by the county health officers.

“They want to minimize people going out for anything that is not an essential function,” says David Campos, the Deputy County Executive for Santa Clara.

Police cars and fire trucks often part of the celebrations. The county says those agencies are essential and it’s up to each department to decide whether to participate, but they’re asking everyone else to find other creative ways to celebrate.


Campos also said they would have told people they can’t drive around if they’d only known people would actually drive around.

“That was never really envisioned as something that would be allowed, because from a public health perspective, you want to minimize public gatherings,” says Campos.

That is the problem with central planning…you can never “envision” human nature and then you need to create more laws and rules and restrictions to reign in every “unplanned” iteration of human nature.


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