Schadenfreude: Cenk Uygur's TYT Production Crew Goes Union, Accuses TYT of Refusing to Recognize Them

The Young Turks is a progressive far-left media outlet that is most famous for their raw and outspoken political criticisms and their fearless, very loud leader, Cenk Uygur. Uygur has most recently volunteered as tribute to the Hunger Elections by running for Katie Hill’s soiled congressional seat. Like most Democrats, Uygur has refused to condemn California’s horrific AB5, which gutted the gig economy in January. That is because Uygur and the rest of his cohorts at TYT are decidedly pro-union. No surprise considering their ideology.


That is why it is so funny – nay, delightful – to see the alt-left outlet now the center of a union controversy.

In a fascinating bout of schadenfreude, it turns out the production crew at TYT has been trying to unionize. One would think the TYT personalities would be excited to finally put their money where their very loud mouths are. One would think incorrectly. The production crew had announced their formation of a union under IATSE over a week ago. They were shocked to discover their co-workers in management did not immediately roll out the red carpet and throw a ticker tape parade.

Uygur’s response was that it was untrue and simply campaign shenanigans designed by his Democrat opponent.

It looks to me like the production union thought they’d be immediately and generously greeted by TYT and instead were met with what is actually a normal and acceptable response – “Let’s negotiate.” The fact that the union is throwing a fit, and Cenk and Co. are having to suddenly find out what it’s like to be on the business end of union aggression is too delicious to let go unnoticed. Of course, we’ve seen this play out time and again recently. Vox writers were very supportive of California’s AB5 legislation when it looked like it would help them unionize, then 200 of them were fired once the law passed. The LA Times has been hailed as the standard of a media union shop and instead has been forced to continually cut their workforce. Their latest round of layoffs numbers around 120 jobs. The fallout is tragic for those who expected prosperity and instead lost their jobs.


But the schadenfreude is too good to look away.




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