Actress Patricia Arquette Goes After Trump for Iran in Golden Globes Speech

Ricky Gervais warned award-winners not to get on their political high horses at Sunday night’s Golden Globe ceremonies, but at least one actress didn’t get the message.


Patricia Arquette took the stage to accept her award for best supporting actress in a TV series for her role in Hulu’s “The Act”. Arquette is known for using her acceptance time to lodge political complaints. Despite a blistering critique from Gervais on the political hypocrisy of Hollywood, the actress once again rejected the opportunity to thank her fans and colleagues. Instead, she offered a semi-coherent rant blaming Trump for tweeting us to the brink of war and also for…the fires in Australia?

She then urged everyone to get out and vote in 2020…presumably not for Trump, though.

There’s nothing unexpected here, but it is amusing.

Arquette is not the only one in the family to draw political heat. Her sister Rosanna Arquette found herself in some hot water last summer when she tweeted an apology for being white. I did not miss the opportunity to write a scathing response.

Here is Patricia Arquette looking cool while resisting and persisting.







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