Kira Davis: UK Elections Are an Undeniable Bellwether for Trump's Reelection Hopes

Kira Davis: UK Elections Are an Undeniable Bellwether for Trump's Reelection Hopes

 President Donald Trump gestures as he speaks at his Black Voices for Trump rally Friday, Nov. 8, 2019, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Thursday’s UK elections rang in a resounding defeat for their far-left Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. It was also a resounding confirmation that the British electorate are ready to get Brexit wrapped up so they can move on with their lives.

But more than either of those two things, the election results in the UK are a resounding reminder that the voters still matter, they are still engaged, and even in socialist Europe, they don’t take kindly to being ignored. While conservatism in Europe and conservatism in America are strikingly different, Thursday’s election results are an undeniable bellwether for Donald Trump’s upcoming reelection bid.

Brexit voters were never considered by their media (and ours) to be a serious contingent. Johnson was never supposed to win. The media completely blew them off and the result was utter devastation and temper tantrums once the actual votes were counted.

Sound familiar?

Britons who voted for Brexit have been mercilessly attacked by their mainstream press as bigots, racists, and literal Nazis. The British press has exhibited absolutely no curiosity about the Brexit voters. They were happy to simply label half their population as evil and selfishness personified but they have since conducted very little honest examination into why some law-abiding, harmless citizens might be opposed to living under the purview of the European Union. It wasn’t even a consideration. It is the personification of the very frustrations those voters had been trying to express – that an elite class was looking down their noses at the working, law-abiding taxpayers even as they were desperately trying to express their own struggles and worries. They have been summarily dismissed by the ruling class and the sycophant media.

Sound familiar?

UK voters have been told since the beginning of the Brexit madness that their votes were a mistake, that they must be a mistake because the London elites don’t know anyone outside their bubbles and thus no one can exist outside their bubbles. If their unassailable judgment had been overturned by the people, it could only be the result of a grave error in the system…or cheating. It cannot even occur to them that they may have simply got it wrong.

Sound familiar?

The UK media had already crowned Corbyn – a woefully flawed candidate – as the savior who would rescue what is left of the British empire from the Big Bad Blond Man.

Sound familiar?

The UK media had all but declared a new era of politics, led by the Left. This new era would crush the racist, Nazi xenophobes who had perplexingly invaded their electoral system once and for all. This election would finally prove that their citizens had made a mistake and they knew it.

Sound familiar?

Johnson – a man who speaks rather brashly for a British subject and has a ridiculous personal life to boot – was seen as an impossibility. He is a man who operates outside of the media king-making machine and their media has not appreciated that at all. If he won’t play the game by the rules they set up, he must be a monster. It’s the only acceptable conclusion.

Sound familiar?

Everyone just wants to be seen. In a free society, when people feel ignored they respond with their votes. Those who are arrogant enough to believe that they know what’s best for the unwashed masses are the worst offenders, for they necessarily must ignore the “little guy” and his fate in order to buy their own lies about who deserves to lead and who does not.

Sound familiar?

The UK elections were not just an upset – they were an absolute thumping. After three years of being told their votes were a mistake, their beliefs are a mistake and their very existence in their own country is a mistake, the voters decided to make the elites pay…and boy did they ever.

The American Left should be watching this stunning defeat with great caution. If they were smarter they’d learn from it, but I have little confidence in that scenario.

The progressives and Democrats have been trying to invalidate the votes of the American people since election night 2016. Like their snobby brethren across the pond, they have not been able to accept that they are out of touch with the will of the people…woefully so. They can only assume that you – the voter – are simply too stupid to understand the consequences of your vote.

Every day they get on tv and accuse normal, patriotic, law-abiding Americans of voting against their own interests. They can’t even see how insanely arrogant such a statement is. If people keep “voting against their own interests” couldn’t it just be that it is your definition of what their interests are that is the problem?

For the American Left, and the UK Left, the answer is no. It has already cost the UK Left dearly. Not only was Corbyn and his marxist ideology crushingly rejected, the voters have thrown the entire Labour Party into chaos, with Corbyn stepping down and the rest of the party left scrambling to pick up whatever shattered pieces they can find and chart a new course.

As in the UK, liberals here have never truly learned their lesson. They still cling to the notion that most Americans are too stupid to know what they want or need, and it is up to them to force “the right thing” on us. In the UK, the constant calls for a new Brexit vote were their elitist’s attempts to invalidate legal election results.

In America, the impeachment circus is the attempt of the Democrats to invalidate legal election results.

None of this is scientific, but anecdotally it all adds up to the prediction of yet another stunning victory for Trump in 2020. The voters are exhausted – both with impeachment insanity and being either ignored or constantly painted as racist and hateful. All of it is unfair. No voter asked for any of it and even the Democrat faithful are beginning to tire of the unkeepable promises to forcibly remove Trump from office.

The Democrats should be (and probably are) quaking in their boots over the UK results. Like their peers in the UK, they’ve pushed our electorate into a corner, and no one puts Baby in a corner. Free people won’t tolerate arrogance in their politicians for long. It doesn’t matter what happens with impeachment, Donald Trump is going win and perhaps even more handily than in 2016. And as in the UK with Johnson, it might not really be because so many people love Trump. It may be more because so many people are scared of what the insane Left will do once they get real power back in their hands.

The voters are exhausted, and tired people do crazy things. Impeachment will destroy the Democrats and they’ll be left to drink tea and gin with Jeremy Corbyn at the annual Delusional Leftists reunion party.

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