Kira Davis: The Coming Civil War

America’s very foundation is steeped in violence and controversy. A deeply divided group of states and regions had to overcome tribal biases and a deep distaste for one another in order to throw off the chains of oppression from a kingdom most people would never set foot in. America certainly wasn’t the only nation to buck the British in a violent, extended uprising but they were the best at it. As we all know, that wasn’t the end of American citizens revolting against injustice. In reality it was only the beginning, but the legacy of aggressively defending our human rights through protest and physical actions can be directly attributed to the culture of America. We’re fighters.

While the Bible tells us “there is nothing new under the sun”, the current political climate still feels like something we’ve never encountered in our modern times. People are getting frustrated, angrier…and the angrier they get the more they accuse their political opponents of being evil personified…and then the angrier the accused get and so on and so forth. It’s exhausting and at times it feels like perhaps it is all getting ready to come to a head. With ballooning left-wing support for the eradication of our first two amendments, some have wondered aloud – are we headed for another Civil War? The answer is…yes. And I can tell you exactly when it’s going to happen. Our second civil war will begin…




Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

While we are long past the days of having anyone alive who can personally recount the horrors of the Civil War era, the lessons of that time have embedded themselves into our national psyche. We no longer have the taste for bloody political conflict that involves the entire nation, but we don’t need it. Our founding fathers created a system in which we get to participate in a bloodless civil war every four years.

The ballot box is our battlefield.

Every presidential election cycle, the international politicos come out of the woodwork to decry how “messy” and “aggressive” our election seasons can be. They mock the American style of political discourse as crude, rude or just plain mean. The connotation is that we should be more like Europeans or Canadians or whomever else is considered to be our cultural betters. Even many Americans think the same thing.

I like to remind those people that what they are witnessing in our political drama is not blind, idiot rage, but passion. In Europe and Canada, the electorate has simply given up arguing about certain social and cultural controversies. They’ve surrendered to a new standard that by all observations leaves much to be desired. Americans – by our very nature – are loathe to give up…on anything, really. So we fight. What those complainers are witnessing is passion, not brutality. They are viewing a citizenry that has traded cannons and military battles for votes.  It is no accident America is the most prosperous country on the planet. To suggest that European political standards are optimal is absurd.

Our bloody civil war knit the nation together and laid the groundwork for us to begin correcting our most egregious offenses against our own citizens. The ballot box is where we take our grievances, fight for our convictions and attempt to push back on the things we find unjust or unbearable. It isn’t perfect, but it has worked well for America. After all, no one is asking Canada to broker peace in the Middle East or solve North Korean aggression. Even the Soviet Union could not maintain its superpower status in the face of freedom. Their system did not allow for bloodless revolution, so bloody revolution is practically a mainstay of Russian history. China is arguably a rising superpower, but even they will not be able to sustain such a status without the tools of peaceful revolt.

Americans have those tools. Hell, we invented those tools.

The coming civil war is almost upon us yet again. And we will have another one four years after that and then four years after that and then four years after that, in perpetuity until the progressive left manages to eradicate the Constitution or that sweet meteor of death finally fulfills its promises. Either way, we are proud revolutionaries and despite the setbacks, bad political news and a history filled with shame alongside victories we will continue to peacefully revolt on schedule.

We need not be frightened of the current political atmosphere in the nation. It can be annoying and even disturbing, but be comforted in the inevitability of the coming civil wars and arm yourself with knowledge so when the time comes your weapons will be sharp.

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