People Are Trying to 'Cancel' Comedian Hannibal Buress For Opposing Rent Control...Seriously

The progressive Left continues to eat their own.

Hannibal Buress is a comedian and actor who has in recent years seen a sharp rise in his popularity (Spiderman:Homecoming; Bojack Horseman; Tag; Broad City). Like most celebrities (I guess we’ll call him that even though he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who welcomes such a label) Buress leans politically left and isn’t shy about expressing it. He’s an admitted member of the Yang Gang and like most people these days keeps up with the progressing presidential campaign on Twitter.


This past week Buress made the mistake of crossing the Bernie Brigade when he responded to Bernie’s tweet about a national rent control plan.

His Twitter feed was immediately inundated with outrage. Keyboard justice warriors immediately dug up information about Buress’ own property investments in Chicago, accusing him of being…wait for it…a landlord. Clearly that was the only reason he even spoke about the right for people to own property and price it according to location and demand. In response, the comedian tweeted out links to a landlord’s rights website and suggested people tip their landlords. Unfortunately humor isn’t allowed to exist on Twitter.

I wish I was making this stuff up, people. But we now live in a world where the Washington Post does serious investigations into memes.



This is but a small sampling of the absolute absurdity coming from what can only be labeled as the alt-left. Buress was so harassed he actually had to make a video defending himself against being called a…wait for it…landlord.

In the 8-minute YouTube video Buress explains the kerfuffle and how weird it was to land from a long flight and see himself trending on social media.



It’s kinda wild seeing young white kids getting up set off of you owning property.

Also it’s weird being called a ‘landlord’ when you don’t think anyone is inherently evil for being a landlord.

I’m being made to feel like an asshole by like 20something white kids for trying to secure my financial future as a black man when it was your great great grandfathers or whatever that put this system in place to cripple the black dollar over time.

It’s interesting timing because in our house we just finished reading Red Scarf Girl with my young daughter. It’s the true story of a young woman growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution. Her family had been persecuted because her grandparents had been…wait for it…landlords. The word “landlord” is strewn throughout the book (a term popularized by Mao himself) as a synonym for the greedy, rich and unethical. Being a landlord is evil.

Buress’ predicament is absurd and funny but it’s also quite chilling. The people clamoring for him to be cancelled probably aren’t educated enough to understand what they’re parroting but it’s no accident that the most socialist candidate on the trail is supported by people who have no sense of self-awareness and no problem using common communist talking points to “cancel” a successful black man from their iPhones.


Kudos to Buress for turning it around on the haters and launching some merchandise while he had all those eyes on his account.

I say it all the time – the progressive Left is determined to make conservatives out of perfectly fine liberals.


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