UPDATED: California Fires Nearing Historic Reagan Library, Evacuations in Process [Exclusive]

Redstate Deputy Managing Editor and reporter Jennifer Van Laar is in the middle of a literal firestorm.


Van Laar’s hometown area of Simi Valley is currently one of dozens of California towns under evacuation orders as the latest spate of California fires rages towards one of their most valuable landmarks – the Reagan Library. The library is not just a tribute to The Gipper, it also houses thousands of priceless historical artifacts both from past presidential eras and from visiting exhibits.

Parts of California in both the north and south are currently experiencing a heavy Santa Ana wind event with gusts predicted to get up to 90 mph or more.

Van Laar was able to capture some exclusive footage for Redstate as she awaits evacuation.

Here is one video she posted to Twitter that shows the smoke coming over the hill. Just on the other side of that hill lies the Reagan Library.

We’re wishing Jen a speedy and safe evacuation and praying for the safety of her neighbors and all the firefighters on the front lines today. Godspeed.


*All Twitter footage shared and published with permission from and credit to Jennifer Van Laar. All photos and videos published with permission from Jennifer Van Laar

“A lot more resource headed south of the Reagan Library.”

“A little unnerving.”

“Helicopters are coming around continually.”

“Oh my, that’s not good…”

Water drop



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