BREAKING: TX Governor Sending AG and Family Services To Review James Younger "Trans Kid" Case

The stunningly tragic story of little James Younger has gripped the nation recently. You’ll recall that little seven year old James’ mother is trying to “transition” him into a girl. His father has been fighting for custody to prevent that. Unfortunately he lost the battle and a judge and jury inexplicably awarded full custody of James to the mother. This happened even after a witness was prepared to testify on James’ behalf that when he is away from his mother he is a happy, normal, healthy boy who does not wish to be made a girl. She was turned away from the courtroom and denied the opportunity a mere 30 minutes before she was set to defend James.


(My heart is breaking to have to even write any of these words. Lord, don’t tarry)

The jury still has to deliver a verdict on some other details of the case, so there is a small sliver of hope that they might put the brakes on some of the weirder stuff James’ mom is trying to do. However, after an uproar of confusion and anger over the verdict Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced he will be sending in the Attorney-General and Protective Services to review this case.

Redstate’s Brandon Morse has been covering this issue and posited that James seems more like a boy trying to please his parents than one with a disorder of some type.

The tragic result of this court battle comes after Younger attempted to convince the court that his seven-year-old son isn’t actually transgender like his ex-wife claims. When at his home, or in the presence of his friends, James refuses to wear girl’s clothing and partakes in masculine activities. It’s only when the child is in the presence of the pro-transgender mother that James suddenly switches to being “feminine.”

As I wrote previously, this doesn’t sound like a child with gender dysphoria, it sounds like a child who is trying to please his parents.


It is my opinion that much like the Jessica Yaniv case up in Canada, this is not an issue that has anything to do with gender dysphoria or transgenderism. This sounds like a mentally ill woman taking out her crazy frustrations on the people around her.

Pray for James Younger and this case. It could have chilling consequences for the rest of America in the very near future.


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