Hilarious: SNL Hits Nail On The Head With DNC Debate Skit

Maya Rudolph impersonates Senator Kamala Harris on SNL 9/28/19

Maya Rudolph impersonates Senator Kamala Harris on SNL 9/28/19

There aren’t a whole lot of laughs coming out of SNL’s political sketches these days. One has the impression the writers are a bit more demoralized than usual. With the constant drumbeat of hysteria from the Left, it’s easy to believe they simply don’t have much feeling left in their funny bones.


But every once in a while the crew of the long-running sketch show can’t ignore the news cycle and actually come up with something funny. On Saturday’s episode, SNL took on the lates round of Democrat debates, and some of the impressions are spot on. Most notable is surprise guest alumni Maya Rudolph, who does a send-up of Kamala Harris that is simultaneously eerily accurate and gloriously over the top. Rudolph’s Kamala Harris likes to call herself “America’s fun aunt”… or “funt” for short. I have no doubt Harris’ camp was not happy with the impression.

Of course Larry David is back for his flawless Bernie Sanders impression and guest host Wood Harrelson is fun as Joe Biden in the midst of a cringey “corn pop” story.

“Long story short…Barack!”

You might not be so thrilled to sit down and watch an entire episode these days but this clip is worth the watch.



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