Kira Davis: 'Hurricane Nukes' is Fake News and You Have to Be Pretty Deranged to Think Otherwise

Did you hear that Trump thinks we can nuke hurricanes? What an idiot! You can’t nuke a hurricane. Only a complete and total moron would believe that. How did we get a president who is so stupid? We’re doomed!!!!!!!!!!


You’ve probably seen some version of the above paragraph in your social media over the last few days. “Reports” from “sources” say that Trump told Homeland Security officials they should think about nuking hurricanes before they land on U.S. shores. Without any direct sourcing of the ridiculous claim, Axios completely O’Donnell’ed it and ran with the story anyway.

Naturally, President Trump denied the entire thing because despite the current narrative from the Not My President Trump Derangement Choir he is not a three year old child. In politics a lot of rumors fly around, and there are a lot of things that aren’t true but are yet believable. Then there are things that make the believer look like a complete moron. This would be one of those things.

Because seriously…you have to be a complete and utter moron to believe that Trump is such a complete and utter moron that he thinks you can – or should – nuke a hurricane. Trump is one of the richest men in the nation. If for no other reason than he needs to know how to build things that he can sell, Trump has at least a basic knowledge of physics and science…at the very least as much as the rest of us have. You have to be completely consumed with rage against Trump to believe he actually thinks that.

George Bush was the dumbest man alive until Trump took office. Now people love GWB. They see pictures of him laughing with the Obamas and think of his presidency with nostalgia, even though during that time those same people were calling him Literally Hitler™. People actually believed he knew nothing about anything, but few people would say that about him today.


It is astounding that no one recognizes this pattern of Derangement Syndrome, but I guess an addict never really thinks they’re addicted until it’s too late.

No, Trump did not seriously suggest nuking hurricanes. I can’t promise he didn’t make a joke to that effect because if you read his timeline you’ll see Trump is a surprisingly funny guy (or he hires funny people to write his jokes). But because I’m not a moron, I can promise you Donald Trump doesn’t really want to drop nukes into a hurricane.

I can’t tell what is worse – that this is even a story or that a great majority of media outlets have devoted significant word counts to “debunking” it. This is 2019, people. It’s time to grow up a little bit.

Here’s Mike Pence confirming what those of us who are not morons already know.



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