When Patriots Rally: Conservative Blogger Kit Lange Perez Is Fighting For Her Life...and We Can Help

Kit (Lange) Perez  was a Tea Party activist and amateur blogger back when we were all just starting out in this strange landscape called “New Media”. Kit is also a writer, an EMT, volunteer firefighter and a farmer. She has staunchly defended American values her entire adult life and while most people may not know her name, she was part of the first wave of conservative bloggers that we now just take for granted have always existed.


Kit is in trouble. She’s suffered some personal tragedy recently and now she’s fighting for her life.

Here is info from Kit’s fundraising page on Facebook, kindly set up by her friends (and I have it on good word they had to basically force her to let them do it).

Kit and Eric Perez are the first to step up when people need help. They have organized dinners, supplies and donations for firefighters and volunteers fighting wildfires, helped organize security for people whose homes were left vacant when they had to evacuate due to fire, and so much more than I have space to explain here. They will give you the shirts off their back without blinking an eyelash.

Now, they need our help. Kit was recently diagnosed with an aggressive skin cancer and has had one surgery to date. It remains to be seen what further treatment will be necessary. In the meantime, the world keeps spinning, the bank wants its mortgage payment, and life keeps moving, even for an independent contractor with no health insurance. Eric is handling all of the farm chores alone while working full time, but with medical bills mounting, it is time for us to step up to help.

If you can donate your “beer and cigarette money” for a week, that’s awesome and most appreciated. If you can’t, please share, and definitely keep Kit and Eric on your heart and in your prayers to whatever higher power you talk to.

If you have questions, or need clarification on anything at all, please feel free to reach out to me or to Anna Martens. Anna is helping out as much as she can, getting Kit to doctor’s appointments so Eric doesn’t have to take time from work and helping with farm chores all while running her own household.

Thanks for reading, donating, and sharing. Karma is a real thing y’all.


A friend reached out to me on her behalf because he knew she’d never ask for help. He has never once asked me for anything, or ever once tried to trade on whatever success I’ve had. So I knew when he called me that this was serious. If you know Kit, perhaps you love her as much as he does. Here is what he has to say about her.

Kit is a fighter. She’s a redhead. That should tell you all you need to know…
If you don’t of Kit you should and if you do you know once you’ve met Kit you’ll never forget her. Her formidable intelligence and expertise will challenge you, and her artist’s soul will move you.
She is one of the strongest, most self-sufficient people I know and would never ever ask for help. Hell, she moved to a mountain in Montana to be more self sufficient and practice what she preached.
Her and her husband are volunteer firefighters in their community, and Kit is an EMT and they gladly give to anyone in need anytime they are asked.
As I said, Kit hates asking, so I’m asking.
More details are in the fundraising page.
I see fundraisers for silly things go viral and raise insane amounts of money and it’s my hope this goes viral and is able to help. Even if you can’t donate, at least please share. You never know who will see it. Thank you.

If you can support Kit and her husband, please head over to the page and make a contribution. Every little bit helps…we all know what it’s like to be in trouble and scraping by. If you can’t contribute, please share. They are hoping to raise $10K…I’d like to double that.

We are not people who wait for the government to swoop in a day late and dollar short. We are not people who assume someone else will do the hard work. We are people who roll up our sleeves to help our own, help strangers, help each other. We are Americans. Let’s show Kit just how we roll around these parts.




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