JLTY Podcast: The Second Amendment Is More Valuable to Black Americans Than Any Other Group

It is my opinion that the second amendment is more valuable to the Black community than any other community in this country.

On this week’s Just Listen to Yourself podcast I explore the topic of gun control and why Black Americans in particular should be very wary of anyone who purports to remove their Second Amendment rights in favor of “the greater good”. I ask people to just listen to themselves when they tell me that President Trump wants to march me off to some concentration camp on the one hand and on the other ask me to surrender my right to bear arms.


[People have a problem with] Donald Trump, before him it was George Bush before him it was Ronald Reagan. Every time a Republican president comes in it’s the end of the world…. “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains!”. This guy hates black people. This guy wants to see black people back in chains. This guy wants to reinstate Jim Crow and segregation and look at who he’s supporting – white supremacy! Bigotry, prejudice racism – it’s dangerous. We can’t even trust the police. We can’t even trust our neighbors. Okay. Okay fair enough, then why in the hell are you asking me to give that guy my gun? …Donald Trump is the government for better or worse.  So you can’t tell me on the one hand that he is the biggest threat to my freedom and then tell me on the other hand to give up my gun. Hell, no. No black person in this country should be against the Second Amendment. No black person in this country should think that it is a good idea for the government to be the only people in the country that have weapons. Do you want the police to be the only people who have access to weapons. Really? You want the racist, bigoted, prejudiced White supremacist government of this nation to be the only people with access to guns? And White people who are telling me that I as a Black American should give up my guns because somehow inexplicably, as a legal and responsible gun owner I’m responsible for mass murder, even though that that’s literally the last thing that would ever cross my mind. Somehow, I’m responsible …that I’m supposed to give up my guns and at the same time you’re telling me “Trump hates you. I’m your ally. I’m going to stand up for you in the public square and I’m going to defend you against Trump. I’m your ally”.  But you know what I hear when you say that? What I hear you saying is that when Trump’s minions do inevitably march into my Black home take my Black family and march us off to concentration camp, you’re going to stand there with your hands in your pocket. You ain’t got no gun. What are you going to do? What are you going to do to protect me?


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I’ll talk to you next week. Until then…just stop and listen to yourself once in a while.

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