Dan Rather Tells Press to Avoid Directly Quoting Trump, Contextualize First

News veteran Dan Rather has some unsolicited advice for his fellow journalists. On Monday, Rather tweeted about covering Trump’s words in the headlines and how that should be handled.


Just to recap: The Father of #FakeNews who got canned for running a false story about George W. Bush is encouraging other journalists not to directly quote Trump without editorializing his remarks first. One can only surmise that Rather also views the majority of American news consumers are too stupid to simply read information and form their own opinions. They need the elite gatekeepers in the mainstream media to tell them what to think about the words they read in the news.

Five Thirty-Eight’s Nate Silver (you’ll remember Nate from election night 2016 when his polling model epically collapsed in real-time in front of the whole world)  joined in on the madness by scolding the paper of record for having the audacity to listen to Trump’s statement on the shootings and then summarize it accordingly.


This is a glaring example of why fewer and fewer Americans trust traditional media sources. Here are two seasoned personalities in the News and Politics industry asking one of America’s most reputable media outlets to “frame” their reporting before they report it.

Perhaps we’ve been sliding into this for quite a while now but there can no longer be any question that there are no more refuges for objectivity, if there ever were any at all.


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