Breaking: Canadian Police Raid Home Of Trans Activist Who Sued Over Genital Waxing

Jessica Yaniv is a transgender activist who gained notoriety recently when he demanded British Columbia beauty technician wax his genitals after she said she was uncomfortable waxing male genitalia. Yaniv took his complaints to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and won a financial judgment against the terrified woman.


It might have ended right there, with Yaniv just becoming another story in a long line of bizarre stories about gender recently. However, the attention from the story put Yaniv in the spotlight just long enough to reveal he had some other very serious issues.

Not only has Yaniv been accused of sexually exploiting young girls, he also tried to arrange a “topless swim night” for girls 12-14 years old. Conveniently the night was deemed “parent free”.

However, Yaniv may be in serious trouble after an appearance on trans Youtuber Blair White’s channel. White, a transgender male-to-female personality, is known for taking a more conservative approach to gender and sexuality issues. Last month, White expressed a concern about Yaniv, suggesting he might not be transgender but a predator.

White noted that Yaniv is either delusional about girls or is intentionally predatory. She says that she’s going to be called “transphobic” herself for calling Yaniv a “he,” but lays out her belief that Yaniv isn’t actually transgender, just a predatory posing as a transgender person.

“I do not believe this is a trans woman. I believe this is a predator posing as a trans woman,” said White.

“Make no mistake, none of these messages are how women talk to each other, or how trans women talk to women, or anyone,” she continued. “Yaniv clearly has an obsession with feminine products, and women, and girls. It’s incredibly disturbing and it needs to be called out.”

White also points out the tweets Yaniv has sent to underage girls consistently asking their age, and notes that you don’t ask these questions in online discussions as age is irrelevant in most cases. Yaniv has made it a habit, and White even shows us a tweet of Yaniv celebrating on Twitter a ruling judging girl’s have no right to visual bodily privacy.


Yaniv’s appearance on White’s show unsurprisingly took a turn for the bizarre when he began ranting about foreigners invading Canada through immigration and took out a taser he keeps for “personal safety” in his apartment.

That’s where it all went off the rails because Canadian law does not allow citizens to own tasers as weapons. He also ran afoul of speech laws with his immigration rant. That was enough for the RCMP to issue a warrant and raid Yaniv’s apartment on Tuesday. From The Post Millennial:

Reports about the raid initially circulated on the forum KiwiFarms, with user and neighbour to Yaniv, WGKitty, reporting the arrival of Police at approximately 9:46 pm EST. The user reported Police presence at Yaniv’s Walnut Grove residence overnight August 5th, with a search to be conducted by the Federal RCMP this morning.

Yaniv was reportedly not allowed access to the residence while the RCMP conducted their search, with Langley Police guarding the residence since police arrived last night.

While the RCMP declined to provide a specific name unless charges were laid, they were able to confirm to The Post Millennial that a warrant was executed at a Walnut Grove address confirmed to house Yaniv. The warrant concerned a prohibited weapon, with the responding officer noting that “an active file is still ongoing.” An earlier call to the RCMP by Jessica Rumpel, whose story of sexual interference by Yaniv was covered by The Post Millennial, resulted in her noting that the RCMP had an open “file report” on Yaniv.


Human Events Managing Editor Ian Miles Cheong tweeted that he believes this is only the tip of the iceberg for Yaniv.


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