Can We Ever Have An Honest Conversation About Race? [LISTEN]

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Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

Yesterday an article I wrote on “people of color” hijacking the black experience started making the online rounds and stirring up a lot of discussion.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m fine if other minority groups want to lump themselves in with each other with this whole POC thing. There’s a shorthand in it all that’s valuable and I get that. I just don’t think Black Americans want or deserve to be tied to their watered-down version of “the struggle.”

Because that’s what this is – a naked attempt to hijack the unique civil rights struggles of Black America in order to hitch a ride to Victim Town. When women like Pressley are forced to lump her heritage and American experience in with those who are not “African-American/Black” she is being forced to pour water into her ancestral soup. She is forced to be brown instead of Black.

There is so much power in blackness that these women and others like them on the Left are desperate to pretend they know the struggle to siphon off even a little bit of that power.

I was invited by Townhall Senior Contributor Kurt Schlichter to join him over at KABC in Los Angeles to talk about the issue some more. Kurt was filling in for Larry O’Connor, who is currently traveling in Argentina with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (he’s all fancy now). We had a lot of fun talking about the Broad Squad, race, racism and the utter insanity that Trump has engendered on the Left.


In fact, we had such a great time that Dr. Drew (Midday Live with Dr.Drew) came into the studio before we finished up and asked if I could stay on for his show directly following. We continued the conversation along with Leeann Tweeden.

Can we ever have an honest race conversation? What would that even look like?

What is at stake for Black America by being folded into this broader category of “people of color”?

We talked at length about these questions and a lot of other things. Each of those hours are posted below.

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