Breaking: Planned Parenthood Terminates Director Leana Wen

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[Dr. Leana Wen joins Andrea Mitchell in May, 2019 to discuss Missouri’s newest pro-life laws]

Planned Parenthood has aborted the directorship of Leana Wen. Wen had been the abortion-provider’s director for almost a year, stirring up quite a bit of controversy along the way.


Both the New York Times and the Washington Post are reporting that Wen was let go during a “closed door” meeting of the Board of Directors on Tuesday. Wen herself seemed to confirm that story on Twitter and she expressed her surprise and displeasure with the act, claiming “philosophical differences” were the driving factor.

Earlier this year Planned Parenthood took what they considered to be some very direct hits on their operations after several states passed strict abortion in laws in the protection of preborn lives. Alongside state legislation, Planned Parenthood will also see a decrease in federal funding after the Trump administration moved to end Title IX funding to abortion providers.

Wen’s past statements seem to indicate that she is supportive of an even more radical shift to the left for Planned Parenthood. Perhaps given the massive publicity failure of trying to support horror shows like abortion up until the moment of birth, Planned Parenthood is rethinking their marketing.


A recent Gallup poll revealed that a mere 25% of Americans support abortions under any circumstances. That puts into question the wisdom of advocating for things like partial birth abortion. President of Students for Life Kristin Hawkins calls the move “musical chairs” but says it makes no difference in the end.

“The musical chairs at the top of the nation’s number one abortion vendor changes nothing. Women don’t need what Planned Parenthood is selling. Pregnancy is not a disease cured by abortion, and with federally qualified health centers standing by to offer true, full-service healthcare, women have lots of options that don’t include abortion.”


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