10 Ways to Make a Trump Voter

Andy Ngo Assaulted By Antifa from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

The 2016 elections made a lot of people look very differently at presidential elections.

But not enough.


President Trump has gone on to not just change the game but change the field, the refs and the audience. The progressive Left has gone back to their old playbook, unaware that their stadium isn’t even half full anymore.

Instead of winning back regretful voters, the Democrats and their allies seem to be – almost unbelievably – creating more Trump voters for 2020.

So, in case the Democrat party needs more help adding new pages to that old playbook, here is a list of 10 surefire ways to create a new Trump voter in 2020.

1.Complain about how trump will never concede the election then when he wins refuse to concede the election. Then unironically complain for the next four years that if Trump wins again he will never concede the election.

2.Run with poorly sourced or downright false stories about the President that give people on the fence about Trump a reason to feel confident in disliking him. Then be forced to retract those stories one after another after another until no one believes anything you report on anymore. Push the fence-riders into a begrudging acceptance that perhaps Trump is right about “fake news” and that might mean he’s right about some other things too.

3.Take an immature, dim but proud socialist child and an anti-semite who is possibly an Islamist and refers to the most terrifying attack on American soil in modern times as an event where “some people did some things”  and make them the faces of your party. Assure people that this is the future of the American Left. Make those skeptical of Trump even more skeptical of where the Democrat party is leading the country. Force people to choose between the “We Hate America Wonder Twins” and actual America.


4.Ruin every single great tv show and film with commentary on how awful Trump is and how horrible his voters are and how they are despised. Forget that over half the people you are talking about are your customers. Remind them repeatedly that your tolerance will never extend to them.

5.Dig into the past of every person who gains some kind of popularity. Dig up years-old tweets, high school emails, letters to grandmothers, drunk texts and comedy routines from 1995. Demand an apology and then tell people their apologies will never be enough. Destroy lives and careers forever and then laugh and laugh as you put your pitchforks away for another night. Never think that you’ll be the receiving end of those pitchforks one day.

6.Call black people and women brainwashed race/gender traitors for supporting Trump. Never ask for their genuine thoughts and opinions. Don’t treat them like people. Speak scorn and derision for them out of one side of your mouth while simultaneously preaching about being an ally to women and minorities out to the other side. There’s nothing like an over-confident hypocrite to drive people away from an ideology or group. Just ask anyone who’s ever left the Christian church.


7.Refuse to acknowledge that life in the big city is significantly different than life in flyover country. Keep looking down your nose at people who grow your food and deliver your oil. Tell them they need to accept that coastal sensibilities are American sensibilities. Push them to vote for Trump just to spite your snobby ass.

8.Make colleges and universities a tightly controlled bubble where no competing ideas are allowed to be heard, let alone suggested. Drive out centrist and conservative speakers with physical force. Get in their faces, spit on them, throw water and milkshakes, act like uncontrollable infants and then turn on your own brethren when they dare suggest that such acts are indeed childish and unpersuasive. Watch the college system fold in on itself as it collapses under the weight of its own ideological cowardice.

9.Make one of the most prominent legs of your platform a bizarre and unbending devotion to allowing babies to be killed right up until the very moment before they leave the birth canal. Justify it in the name of health. Ridicule people who feel even a little bit odd about taking such a hardline stance on infanticide. Make their votes a binary choice between literal baby-murder and Donald Trump.


10.Call everyone who disagrees with you a Nazi. All the time. Always. Compare Trump to a man who murdered 6 million Jews and fly giant Trump-baby balloons whenever he visits. Never stop being overdramatic lunatics. Continue to make people feel uncomfortable in watering down the Holocaust, slavery and racism. Abuse the terms constantly. Make Americans numb to your rhetoric.

Follow these steps and you will surely guarantee another Trump victory in 2020. You’re off to a good start!


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