Kira Davis: Free Speech Suppression Might Actually Be Reaching Critical Mass

Has George Orwell’s literary classic ‘1984’ finally come to fruition in real life?

That was the topic when Editor at Large Kira Davis appeared on Fox on The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton, alongside commentator and activist Tezlyn Figaro and podcast king Adam Carolla. Steve led a discussion about how far America has tumbled down the rabbit hole with social media, how scary it’s become, and why exactly this is all happening.


Perhaps a large part of the problem is that, for too long, one side of the argument has simply assumed that they would never be caught in their own netting. Here’s the panel discussing that very idea, with an insanely brilliant analogy from Adam Carolla regarding smoking and the creeping encroachments of the “do-gooder” class. Seriously, this is a must-listen.

So true is it that men close their eyes on encroachments committed by that party to which they are attached. In the delusive hope that power, in such hands, will always be wielded against their adversaries, never against themselves – The Life of George Washington, Volume 1, Chief Justice John Marshall.

Later on in the show, Tezlyn surprised the panel with a history lesson about the Statue of Liberty – was she really originally created as a celebration of abolition?

The panel went on to talk about the erasure of history through the willful removal of historical statues and murals deemed “offensive” by the every-terrifying progressive set.


Here’s the entire episode. Watch Carolla talk about how we need gravity to survive yet we’re making campuses “gravity-free zones” and letting young students float around like there is no ground.

It is more important than ever to make sure we do not succumb to the temptation to control everything and everyone as forewarned by Orwell himself.


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