Class Act: Baseball Superstar Albert Pujols Surprises Young Fan With Downs Syndrome With the Shirt Off His Back

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As we increasingly live large swaths of our lives online it can come to feel as if the whole country is constantly in a state of division and rage.

It’s nice to be reminded of that there are good people out there and kindness is still plentiful and available for all to see who look for it. America is still filled with class acts. We just have to look up long enough to see them.


This week’s class act is baseball legend Albert Pujols. When the Angels’ first baseman noticed a young fan waiting on the sidelines for a glimpse of the team he ran over to greet him.

Fox News reports that dad Joe Squarini and his son Nico – an adorable, beaming child with Downs Syndrome – had been waiting with pen in hand, hoping to secure an autograph. Little Nico got much more than he – or anyone bargained for. As the crowed shouted “We love you, Albert!” and “You’re the best, Albert!”, Pujols took the pen then took the jersey off his own back and signed it. He then proceeded to sign Nico’s jersey and then held up the young man for a picture.


Nico’s dad was understandably grateful and excited for the attention.

Pujols has a daughter with Downs Syndrome and started the Puljos Family Foundation in her honor.

More of this, please.




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