Someone at 'Wired' Has Daddy Issues

Father’s Day is coming up and Wired wants you to know there are some cool gifts out there. On Thursday the tech publication posted a story on some gift options for Dad and the story itself was pretty standard. Indeed, there are some cool gifts out there for Father’s Day.


Sadly, whomever runs the Wired social media account has some serious daddy issues. In a bizarre tweet, the company shared the story accompanied by some…buzz-killing commentary.



I was abandoned by my own father before I was born. I’ve had my own daddy issues in my life but it would never occur to me to view everyone else’s dad through that same lens. This tweet is filled with a weird bitterness that is simultaneously amusing and sad.

Not everyone needs to know you hate your dad, Karen.

Of course, Twitter weighed in.


What an odd placement for such a tweet.  The story itself is light and Father’s Day is a celebration.  Nothing kills the celebration of the family patriarch like a random Debbie Downer.


It reminds me of the time (many years ago) when I was sitting with a group of coworkers at lunch and we were all sharing our funny stories of family vacations and road trips. Out of the blue one gentleman in the group interrupted the laughter to tell us about the time his dad tried to drive their whole family off a city bridge in a bout of deep depression.

Moving story, but it definitely killed the conversation. Talk about daddy issues!

Not to say that you can’t express traumatic experiences but there is a time and a place. It certainly isn’t in a casual social situation with people you barely know and it most definitely is not when you’re trying to get people to click on your light-hearted story about gifts for dad.

I suspect Wired’s audience skews male, so it seems equally perplexing that they would let such a gender-based blanket insult stand. Particularly when you’re trying to help sell the products in the piece.

Anyway, here’s hoping Karen (or whoever) gets some help. We’re rooting for ya, girl!



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