Former Comedian Samantha Bee Denounces Dems Who Appear on Fox News as 'Stupid'

Samantha Bee participates in AOL's BUILD speaker series to discuss her new TBS series "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" at AOL Studios on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

Professional mouth-mover Samantha Bee launched a scathing rant this week against Democrats who appear on Fox News.

Bee slung the typical insults and accusations, calling Fox hateful and insinuating that the network only cares about money (unlike all those other principled networks like CNN who work for free and never ever think about profit).


 “Fox News is a hate for profit racket, which in all fairness, would make it the first profitable racket Donald Trump has ever been involved in.”

The former comedian went on to say that any Democrat who appears on Fox News just looks stupid, referring to Pete Buttigieg’s recent town hall on the network.

“At a certain point, if you play along with Fox, you don’t look principled or bipartisan, you just look stupid. Nobody is impressed by how Charlie Brown reaches across the aisle to Lucy’s football.”

Bee applauded Senator Elizabeth Warren’s decision not to appear on the network, wondering aloud why a person like Warren would  “appear on a channel that talks about you like this”.

She exhibited not a shred of irony considering that this is the same woman who complains nonstop about Trump not attending Press Corps dinners or scheduling enough press conferences or appearing on channels other than Fox. Apparently Democrats are the only people allowed to avoid interaction with potentially hostile reporters on the basis that there is nothing to be gained from such an exchange.

It is unlikely Bee will be getting any offers to spearhead a Democrat presidential campaign anytime soon. She may hate it, but Fox News has been topping the cable news ratings for nearly 17 years now. Any candidate who wants to win a general election can’t win on their base alone. At some point they will have to convince voters to cross the aisle and vote for them – something Trump did exceptionally and surprisingly well. It’s fine for her to pontificate from her tv podium, but guys like Buttigieg are trying to win votes.


Bee’s attitude is indicative of how the celebrity/elitist class will only end up being a drag on whichever Democrat candidate emerges as the nominee. She has no sense of just how many people Fox reaches, and just how many people a candidate needs to convince in order to win a general election. Thinking that the type of people who watch and enjoy Fox News are irrelevant as citizens and votes is exactly the thing that got us Trump in the first place. Bee and her ilk seem determined to hand Trump a second term on silver platter.


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