Comedian Says Abortion Laws Happening in "Same States They Considered it Okay to Rape Slaves"

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There is no shortage of hyperbole in the current abortion law debate and comedian/radio host D.L. Hughely took the opportunity to add his thoughts to an already crowded field of cringe-worthy public opinions.


The comedian transitioned from 90s/2000s success as a stand-up comedian to popular radio host and is often approacehed for his opinion on hot button topics.

TMZ caught up with the “Original Kings of Comedy” star in Los Angeles and asked him his thoughts about Alabama’s latest controversial pro-life law.

Hughley joined fellow Hollywooder Anne Hathaway in invoking race when it comes to the protection of the unborn…or lack of protections as it were. Grab your Advil…or vodka. You’ll need a painkiller after this one (full video at bottom of the page).

Everywhere that incest and rape is considered less of a crime than abortion is where they considered it okay to rape slaves. Where they’ve never had a problem taking a woman’s body from her. The more things change the more things stay the same. If we’re going to have a conversation about reproductive rights, which is what this is all about some of the people that are in this conversation should be capable of reproducing.  It can’t be 25 white men and a 75 year old woman. One of them got to have some eggs. Her ovaries are literally more shut down than a coal mine. Her future is over and she’s deciding the future of other people in terms of reproductive rights. A woman’s body has never really belonged to a woman in those parts of the States.


Maybe someone needs to inform D.L. that it is no longer legal to own slaves and certainly not legal to rape anyone. The comparison is disingenuous at best, inflammatory at worst.

Also, no babies get made without men. Do they not have a say? Hughley is a father himself. Does his wife deny his right to make decisions about their children just because he is biologically incapable of birthing those children?

The comedian’s comments about Governor Kay Ivey weren’t just rude but ageist. Is there a certain age women get to when they are no longer considered relevant to our society? Kay Ivey hasn’t been in grade school in decades but she’s been there and certainly has the right to hold opinions about grade school issues in her state. Hughley seems to be suggesting Ivey’s age makes her opinions invalid. It’s not like she’s a walking corpse. She’s a human being and her age should make her revered, not considered as wrinkled, aging trash. She has a family like everyone else in the world. Her opinions on how children should be protected certainly don’t end with her menstrual cycle.

Hughley seems to believe women’s usefulness ends when their eggs do.


How very #MeToo of him.

The “race card” is getting a good workout in this abortion debate, as if that is some kind of valid pro-choice argument. But as I pointed out in a previous op ed about Ann Hathaway, what these people are actually advocating for is fewer black people in the world. That sounds significantly more racist than the argument for more black people in the world.

Does Hughley really think Kay Ivey is so old and senile that she has developed a hatred for women and wants to see them suffer?

Perhaps Kay Ivey has a love for children, and wants to see them get a shot at life. I wouldn’t expect Hughley to try to see the other side of the argument, but it would be nice.


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