Senator McCaskill Says She'll Vote "NO" on Kavanaugh...but the Reason Is Not What You Think

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill has announced she intends to vote “no” on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.


McCaskill is up for reelection this fall, but she claims the current chaos surrounding charges of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh were not a part of her decision.

From Politco:

Moderate Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill will vote against Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, narrowing the number of potential Democratic votes the nominee can secure.The Missouri senator, who is up for reelection this fall in a conservative state, cited Kavanaugh’s views on “dark, anonymous money that is crushing our democracy.” She said that the “troubling” allegation of sexual assault leveled against Kavanaugh did not influence her decision.

“He has revealed his bias against limits on campaign donations which places him completely out of the mainstream of this nation. He wrote, ‘And I have heard very few people say that limits on contributions to candidates are unconstitutional although I for one tend to think those limits have some constitutional problems,’” McCaskill said. “Judge Kavanaugh will give free rein to anonymous donors and foreign governments through their citizens to spend money to interfere and influence our elections with so-called ‘issue ads.’”


McCaskill also says she has hesitations about Kavanaugh’s views on executive power.

McCaskill’s “NO” vote means that the path to confirmation has narrowed as some necessary Democrat votes peel off. She may see it as necessary in order to win the urban vote at midterms. However, McCaskill has consistently voted “NO” on Supreme Court nominees, tanking the last six over the years.



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