Enough Is Enough. Confirm Kavanaugh NOW

I’ve had enough.

I’ve been laying off official commentary on the Kavanaugh circus because my esteemed Redstate colleagues have done an amazing job of covering it from every angle. There wasn’t much left to say.


But this tired, overwhelmed mother has been sitting in the other room listening to the kids argue long enough. It’s time the adults stood up and put an end to this utter madness. It’s time to grab a shovel and start burying the steaming pile of hot garbage. We have other business to attend to – bills to pay, doctor’s appointments, homecoming dances.

Everyone in Washington D.C. just needs to stop…now.

Hold this damn vote. This is insane and ridiculous.

I’m sick of it all. I’m sick of Democrats lying to Americans that they actually care about sexual assault victims while they still laud Bill Clinton as one of the greatest presidents to ever grace the dress of an intern. I’m sick of them grandstanding about the sanctity of a victim’s testimony while simultaneously refusing to produce said testimony. I’m sick of them trying to tell me that this is of the utmost importance because the victim deserves to be heard after they held on to her oh-so-important story for two months before dropping it conveniently just before the vote. Anyone who believes the Democrat blowhards on their tv screens have any concern for the accuser in this case has woefully distanced themselves from rationale and good sense.

I’m sick of the elite conservative pundit class who – in their desperation to prove themselves “above” the toothless, irrational Trump voters – have demanded we all take this woman seriously simply because she’s a woman. I do not believe that everyone is entitled to be taken seriously at any given point just so we can “balance out” the sins of the past. Yes, women have long suffered ridicule and shame for coming forward about their abuse or harassment by powerful men.


Some names that immediately come to mind are Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp and Paula Jones.

But that doesn’t mean that every woman is automatically imbued with nobility just because she comes forth with an accusation. A reasonable adult uses all the clues and evidence at their disposal to determine whether or not to pursue an accusation or point of view further. As one such reasonable adult I can weigh the situation and see that it is wrought with problems – the accuser doesn’t want to testify; the accused has denied all involvement; the accusation was not made until the 11th hour despite Kavanaugh having been in the spotlight for two months; dozens of supporters from that time in Kavanaugh’s life (most of them women) have come forward with their support of his well-respected reputation; Senator Feinstein herself said she cannot be sure the woman’s accusations are true; the FBI conducts a background check on every nominee and thus Kavanaugh has already been investigated for any crimes or wrong-doing. None of this on it’s own is “evidence”, but all of it together presents the brain with enough reasonable information to make a judgement about the situation and my judgement is that this all a load of Grade A hooey. There is no there there.

I’m sick of the constant politicization of a body that was designed to be above politics. It was the liberal left in this country who turned the courts into an activist wing. Understanding that when given the chance, Americans consistently vote against their agenda items they placed the burden of transforming our society on the courts. They put all their eggs in that basket and now their only recourse is to frantically work to ensure every nominee will vote the “right way” when the time comes. They have to make ideologues out of judges instead of letting the law (and the American people) speak for itself.


Most of all I’m sick of this news cycle. I can’t turn on my tv or the radio or open up social media without being assaulted by a dozen different hot takes about Kavanaugh. My timeline is littered with garbage, holier-than-thou lectures from the likes of Kamala Harris, who never met a tv camera she didn’t like. I have to see pompous wankers like Mazie Hirono telling all men to “shut up”, as if this country weren’t full of amazing, kind, courageous men who put their lives and comfort on the line every day for their families and even for perfect strangers…as if there were something inherently magical about being a woman that absolves you from exercising some COMMON FRIGGING COURTESY.

My hands are on my hips. I’m putting my foot down and I’ve got my thousand-yard glare trained right at you, Congress. ENOUGH! You have the majority, by all accounts you have the vote and you have time on your side. As if the election of Donald Trump weren’t enough, let me remind you that Americans are sick of your bullshuck political games. Don’t wait another weekend. Don’t let the news cycle continue to gin up the idiots and the elite pundit class. End this madness right now so we can move on to the next existential crisis. If you do it now, this episode will be in the rearview mirror behind 18 other “LITERALLY HITLER” stories come midterm elections.



Put on your big girl panties. Take the vote. Confirm Kavanaugh now.





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