Our National Media Should ALWAYS Be Considered an Enemy of Politicians...Especially the President


MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell joined the eternal chorus of media malcontents on Monday, comparing President Trump to murderous dictator Joseph Stalin and saying it is very “dangerous” to be calling the national press the “enemy”.
I couldn’t disagree more.


Is Mitchell suggesting that politicians should refer to the media as friends? If the media count themselves as friends of any administration, what exactly does that say about the media? There should absolutely be a contentious relationship between any president and the press corps.

It is the press’s job to investigate, report, and protect the veracity of our constitutional republic through the gathering and revelation of information. Every president should feel at the very least somewhat resentful towards the media. Members of the press should keep our political leaders on their toes, not make them feel comfortable.

For eight years the press corps treated Obama like their best friend. When our national media treats the President of the United States as an ally and friend, they automatically make the American people an enemy. The press should be on the side of the people. While supporting and campaigning for the Obama administration, they instead covered up important information and neglected to investigate goings on that had a direct and measurable impact on the American people.

Had Mitchell and her fellow Obama sycophants in the media expressed even the slightest curiosity about the inner workings of Obamacare in all likelihood we would not be dealing with the current insurance debacle too many Americans face at this very moment. Even a cursory investigation shared with the public would have uncovered some very big problems with the bill, including the fact that not one member of Congress read all 2,000 pages before passing it. Imagine Donald Trump ramming through Congress a huge bill that would effect 1/4th of the economy and the press just shrugging their shoulders and saying, “Well, he’s a good guy so it’s obviously for the best and anyone who says otherwise is just being a racist.”


That would be ridiculous and no one would stand for it, because Trump is not a “friend” to the media. Therefore, the media feel compelled to deeply analyze and even criticize every move President Trump makes. They’ve even reported on how many scoops of ice cream the man prefers. This might be annoying to Trump supporters but it is actually a much more natural relationship between press and politician than we saw during Obama’s two terms in office.

Instead of worrying about the press being seen as Trump’s “enemy”, Mitchell should be putting her own house in order. She and the rest of the progressive media should be apologizing to the American people for failing them for eight years in a pathetic endeavor to be the President’s colleagues instead of his critics.

No Andrea, the President is not setting a dangerous precedent. He is (unwittingly) righting the ship. You should absolutely not be looking at the most powerful man in the world as your “friend” while at the same time claiming to be truth seekers on behalf of the American people. There is so much wrong with that worldview that it can’t all fit into this humble Redstate column. Frankly, as annoying as the mainstream media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome may be I feel much safer knowing that the press feels compelled to uncover the deeds of the powerful than I did when I felt the press was choosing the President’s interests over those of the citizenry.


The left-wing media needs to quit their whining and do their jobs. They’re not victims, they’re reporters…it’s time to start acting like it.


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