Worrying About Russia? Here Are Six Times America Dominated Our Favorite Global Nemesis

It’s all Russia all the time these days. It’s very strange to see so many people who ignored what Obama was doing with Russia for eight years suddenly scared to death that Trump is colluding with Putin. But, regardless of your opinion of it all I thought it would be fun to remind everyone of how often we’ve been forced to confront the Russian threat and how many times the American spirit has prevailed.


Here are six times we whupped Russian butt…some are more serious than others. Enjoy!

1. When they partnered with Cuba to invade the United States. They would have succeeded too if it weren’t for a ragtag bunch of teenagers lucky enough to raid one dad’s outdoors supply shop and hightail it to the mountains. Wolverines!

2. Let us not forget how we kicked Russian ass all the way to space. Perhaps one of JFK’s greatest moments in his short presidency is his insistence in not only entering the space race, but winning it. Alarmed at how quickly the Russians were advancing in the realm of space exploration, Kennedy ordered NASA to find a way to get us to the moon by the close of the 1960s. The Russians kept up with us for a while, but communism cannot support innovation for long and eventually they fell behind. Ironically, we now depend on the Russian space program to get our astronauts to the International Space Station after Obama purposefully gutted our NASA and grounded our shuttles with no replacement technology in development. Also ironically, President Trump has criticized Obama for making us dependent on the Russians and reinvigorated NASA with directives and funding and then of course there’s the whole Space Force thing. Anyway, we beat Russia to the moon and we’ll beat them to Mars and we’ll keep beating them because their government sucks.


3. That time Soviet boxer Ivan Drago murdered American hero Apollo Creed in the boxing ring, throwing the nation into a state of mourning and confusion. It took a courageous comeback by one of the greatest fake boxing champions with a real statue in a historic American city to restore our American pride and once again dash the hopes of the communists.


4. That one time a bunch of American college students defeated the Red Army’s Olympic hockey team in a sports coup that is to this day celebrated as one of the greatest sports upsets of all time. Our boys went on to win the gold medal and the Soviets presumably went on to reeducation camps. The Russians can engineer “perfect” specimens but they can never engineer heart and soul…and America has a surplus of those very things.

5. Some say Ronald Reagan brought down the Iron Curtain, but we can’t dismiss the rock n’ roll diva who brought the soundtrack of freedom to the U.S.S.R. – Billy Joel. Back in 1987 Billy Joel embarked on a tour of then the Soviet Union and it was a huge deal because the Russians were dead set against western pop culture influence, believing (rightfully so) that it would spark unrest and dissent. Joel wasn’t the first pop artist to perform in Russia, but he was the first to bring a bonafide American-style rock n’ roll tour and the effects were incredible. The sounds of freedom can often be every bit as effective as diplomatic negotiations. The Iron Curtain fell two years later. Coincidence or Piano Man? You be the judge.


6. Well, surely Ronnie deserves to be on this list. After all, the last time we saw a president surrounded by so much hysteria about his attitude toward Russia was during Ronald Reagan’s administration. Donald Trump is too nice to the Russians, but back in the day Reagan was accused of being too mean. He might hurt their feelings and cause them to retaliate with nuclear winter! But like Trump, Reagan really didn’t care what the media was saying about him. He continued to push for the end of communism and Soviet dominance and the line that at one time made him the traitor in the media’s eyes is now one of the most famous (and effective) lines ever uttered by an American president.

I don’t mean to make light of the Russian threat. They’ve always been a threat. I do find it amusing that so many on the left are suddenly concerned about Trump being to easy on Russia after decades of Democrat presidents giving away the store the the sleeping giant. Trump has levied harsh sanctions on Russia and expelled some of their diplomats from U.S. soil. If Democrats weren’t currently freaking out about imaginary “collusion” they’d be freaking out about how he’s provoking Russia’s ire and leading us into nuclear war.

Can’t win for losing.


But that’s okay because as we’ve seen here, America wins all the time when it comes to Russia. No matter how much the news gets you down, no matter what you believe about Trump/Russia and what you don’t, just remember that the American spirit – both in fiction and real life – has always dominated Russian aggression and totalitarianism. There is just no replacement fires of freedom that most of us take for granted every day. In the end, it always wins.



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