HILARIOUS: Ten Fireworks Fail GIFs to Get You Laughing This Independence Day

Photo credit: Screen shot YouTube


Here’s something fun to keep you occupied while you wait for your hot dogs to finish grilling. Few things are more fun than watching other people maim themselves with their own dumb ideas.


Happy Independence Day!

1.Captain America’s skinnier, stupider cousin Cosplay America.

2.This was never going to turn out well.

3.Nothing is more AMERICA than all of your city fireworks going off at the same time.

4.When your wiener dog suddenly becomes a lethal  weapon.

5.Bright…but not a bright idea.

6.Part Two of this story involves a trip to the hospital, extensive rehab and a permanent position with the Vienna Boys Choir.

7.There’s always one.

8.If no one died from that explosion someone surely died after that explosion.

9.File this one under “Boys are dumb”.

10.It’s all fun and games until someone loses and eye…and then it’s a GIF.


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