Unhinged: New RNC Campaign Ad Targets Left's Heated Rhetoric...and It is BRUTAL

The insanity has been ratcheting up in recent day, in no small part thanks to the unhinged left and their Democrat representatives in the mainstream media. 

There was the Sarah Sanders incident at the Red Hen. Not only was Sanders asked to leave, but her family was then followed across the street and harassed at a different restaurant.


Then there was Mad Maxine encouraging people to bully public officials when they are engaging in private behavior – like getting gas, shopping or spending time with their families.

And it looks like her advice was taken.


Actor Seth Rogan bragged about insulting and then lecturing Paul Ryan in front of his kids when they asked him for a picture.

And then there’s the never-ending commentary from the mainstream media about how our democratically elect President is LITERALLY HITLER. 


It seems like the Left is working hard to reelect Trump in 2020 as they clearly have zero understanding of how their rhetoric pushed him into the forefront in the first place.

On Tuesday the RNC decided to capitalize on the help the far-left has been offering and released a blistering campaign ad which highlighted the insane rantings of the progressive left.

It’s titled “Unhinged” and uses the left’s own words. This one is gonna leave a mark.



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