Seriously?! Maxine Waters Calls on Americans to Harass Any Trump Administration Employees in Public

On the heels of Sarah Sanders being kicked out of a Virginia restaurant for being a Trump staffer, Rep. Maxine Waters is doubling down on divisiveness.


The excuses (and hysterics) started flying almost immediately.


The problem is that Waters is not calling for public protest. She’s advocating for the very problem that plagues our nation at this moment – the “otherization” of our fellow citizens. It’s become acceptable to dehumanize those who don’t see the world according through the modern progressive lens. By dehumanizing an entire, broad swath of the American public it becomes “heroic” to be rude, insulting and messy. It give the real crazies permission to act out their violent fantasies because they genuinely see themselves as acting against evil. That’s how things like the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise happen.

Waters and her ilk act as if Trump took the White House by force, as if he rolled up there with a team of mercenaries and thrust himself upon an unwilling population of helpless infants. He was freely elected using the same electoral system we have been using since the creation of this country. Understandably – and very obviously – there are those who are grossly disappointed that Hillary Clinton did not win in 2016.

To call for public insurrection against legally employed staffers of a democratically elected President is ignorant and unconscionable. Despite her apologists, what Waters is asking isn’t simply about protesting. She is asking people to form crowds – MOBS – around people who are legitimately employed in the United States government and shout them down while they go about their daily tasks. While some may legitimately believe all she means is “protest”, what it does is to enflame public mobs which we well know can easily fly out of control.


That is not okay.

And – say it with me now – THIS IS HOW WE GOT TRUMP!


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