Killer Mike on 'Real Time with Bill Maher': Gun Laws Affect Us Worst and First

Killer Mike continued his mission to blow up the  white left-wing extremist paradigm on guns and Second Amendment rights over the weekend when he appeared on Bill Maher’s HBO program with author and commentator Robert Reich. Maher wanted to have an honest conversation about how liberals view guns and how it affects issues around race and class, warning that there were some serious discussions being ignored in all the emotional hubbub.


Liberals are going to have to come to terms with the fact that there’s a racial component to this.

Killer Mike was happy to expound on the point. If you’ve been listening to him over the last few years, you know that he’s not saying anything different than he’s always said. He’s not an ally of the NRA. He’s not an ally of Republicans. He’s for damn sure not a conservative.

Killer Mike isn’t a label and frankly, we should all endeavor to be so. He has an issue that he cares about deeply – the right of black Americans to exercise their God-given, constitutional rights to the fullest. How can anyone argue with that, given the history of black people in this country?

As Mike points out in the “Real Time with Bill Maher”, guns laws have historically been used to control black Americans by confiscating the tools of self-protection, leaving them vulnerable to violent racists and state oppressors.

I would add that the result of that was to force the black community to then rely on government entities for protection and provision, which has in turn thrust us into a destructive cycle of dependence. Whenever there is an effort or movement to break dependence on government and state actors who don’t have our best interests at heart, it is inevitably countered by more laws that make it more difficult for black Americans to thrive and survive.


As Killer Mike says:


These laws or going to affect us worse and they’re going to affect us first.

Mike also makes a point I and other black pundits make often – you can’t tell us Donald Trump is the second coming of Hitler and that he would bring back slavery laws in a heartbeat if he could and then turn around and tell us to give up our guns. The entire point of the Second Amendment is to prevent such tyranny! If for some strange reason Trump actually could circumvent Congress, the Constitution and myriad of laws against such a thing, I know where my white leftist friends would stand – right on on the sidewalk as government troops marched me and my family right into the internment camps. They’re basically telling me I could never count on them to fight  with their lives for my right to be free. A hashtag is much more convenient, I guess.

Robert Reich did his best to cordially disagree, but as Bill Maher so deftly points out – the problem with liberals talking about guns is that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Killer Mike knows what he’s talking about. Some of his statistical claims are a little wonky and I don’t follow on some of his moral arguments regarding race and oppression, but those are simply disagreements. The fundamental nature of his arguments remains solid and well worth supporting. All Americans have the right to be armed, and we can’t be two-faced on this issue by pretending black people are perfectly safe at the mercy of their majority white government and at the same time telling them they don’t need to worry about tyranny or their protection from it. Black America simply can’t afford it.


You might not agree with every word out of Killer Mike’s mouth (and he would be the first to cheer your right to disagree), but his gun-sense is good sense.

Check out the clip and then head over to Killer Mike’s Twitter to see how he combats the inevitable “sell-out” hysteria with continued grace and good humor.


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