BREAKING: Appeals Court Stomps Trump's Attempts to Punish Sanctuary Cities


A federal appeals court in Chicago has thrown up another roadblock in President Trump’s attempt to levy punishment on cities that declared themselves “sanctuary cities”.


The court voted to uphold an injunction that would make it illegal to for the President to withhold federal grant funding from cities that refuse to uphold federal immigration law.

A three-judge panel—all of whom are Republican appointees—ruled that there were strong indications that the administration exceeded its legal authority in trying to implement the new conditions without approval from Congress.

The consequences of this decision could have a chilling affect on republican politics. How far do the rights of states go? Is any state allowed to violate federal and constitutional law – and the orders of a President – in any case they see fit? If the state of California were ready to reinstitute slavery would they be so allowed under this ruling?

In places like California, the citizens and governments of cities around the state are one-by-one beginning to actively the state’s declared “Sanctuary State” status. Small-business owners are expressing apprehension at the idea of openly violating federal law in order to comply with “iffy” state law. For their desire to remain law-abiding American citizens they are being threatened with prosecution by their own state if they choose to cooperate with federal agents exercising legal warrants to detect and detain illegal citizens.

What madness hath Trump Derangement Syndrome wrought? There is a rule of law in this country and the constitution is quite clear about the federal government’s authority when it comes to immigration enforcement. It is outrageous to think the taxpayers should be required to fund the blatant defiance of the constitution by individual states, directly or indirectly.

When the will and safety of the American people comes second to the will of political posturing the entire republic is at risk.




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