Ronan Farrow Wins Pulitzer Prize for Weinstein Coverage

Journalist Ronan Farrow may have been born into “privilege,” but unlike many celebrity children, he’s earned his way to his accolades. Farrow had always endeavored to be a journalist, but MSNBC nearly ruined his career by giving him a prime slot in their line-up even though he had almost zero experience on the national news stage.


To his credit, Farrow did not sink back into obscurity or seek to play on his newfound public profile by going the way of the Kardashians. Unbeknownst to nearly everyone, he spent the next few years tracking down a story that would eventually blow Hollywood wide open.

The Weinstein scandal blew the doors off of Hollywood’s culture of secrets and lies. However, this is Tinseltown, and very quickly the story moved from Farrow’s impressive and patient legwork to the #MeToo movement and the sensationalism of actors and actresses who suddenly felt empowered to come forward with their experiences. In all the chaos, the hard work of this young journalist began to fade into the background. The mainstream media refused to give him credit, choosing glitz and glamour over grit and determination. His name was rarely mentioned. There were no invitations to the award circuit, no ribbons for Ronan, no acknowledgment of the risk he’d taken.  Many celebrities were all too happy to pat each other on the back for their “bravery” in speaking out after the story broke. Not one celebrity publicly said, “Thank you.”


However, it seems he may finally receive his due recognition. On Monday, Farrow and two other writers were awarded a Pulitzer Prize for public service for their ground-breaking coverage of the Weinstein scandal.

Farrow deserves every accolade for chasing down this story for nearly five years.

At the same time, NBC deserved to be publicly shamed and called out for promoting the “Weinstein culture” of Hollywood by refusing to run with the story when Farrow first presented it to them. It is the very reason why most of America cannot take the legacy media seriously anymore. They are dishonest profiteers, and if the Weinstein scandal was the most significant story of 2017, the willful ignorance and deliberate cover-ups of media giants like NBC deserve to come a close second.

The New York Times had previously squashed a credible story about Weinstein’s crimes back in 2004. Perhaps they somewhat redeemed themselves by giving their pages over to the revelations of Ronan Farrow’s brilliant investigation eventually. Perhaps not.

The real story here is Farrow’s dogged determination, his professionalism, his risk and the shocking abuse he brought to light – abuse that should have long ago been reported by the very people who knew about it and yet said nothing.


NBC and other outlets that sat on this scandal deserve to be shamed. They do not deserve to be considered sources of reliable information ever again.

And Ronan Farrow very much deserves this recognition. One of the greatest shames is how willingly the Hollywood set has ignored the part he played in serving the very justice they’ve now turned into high fashion.

He deserves all of our thanks.

Mr. Farrow, on behalf of all of us at Redstate – thank you, and congratulations on your richly deserved prize.

Well done, young man.


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