Utah Lawmakers Make Rap Video About Lawmaking...And It. Is. Terrible.

Let’s start off with giving credit where credit is due. The legislators in the great state of Utah wanted to help their residents understand a little bit more about how the legislative process works and how laws get made. Too many Americans could use more of that type of education. So they came up with a creative way of getting their message across with a little humor, and I applaud the notion.


The execution of such a plan is a different story. In perhaps one of the most cringe-worthy videos I’ve seen in a long, long time the Utah House of Representatives released a rap video about making laws.

Yup. A rap video.

Using Will Smith’s classic theme song from his hit show, “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, the Utah House members created “Fresh Prints of Bills Here.”

“In the lawbook is where they spend most of their days, draftin’ out, maxin’ out, hardly relaxin’ all cool,”

And so on and so forth. Clearly not everyone was on board with the antics but they all seemed to try their best nonetheless. Even more clearly, some had never heard a rap song in their lives.

This seems more like something a teacher might do for her fourth grade class, but again…brownie points for trying? You be the judge. Creative or cringey?



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