SAVAGE: Gonzo Street Artist Strikes at Hollywood Again, Just in Time for the Oscars

Gonzo street artist Sabo has once again targeted Hollywood for their hypocrisy and dangerous ignorance.

In the past Sabo has called out Meryl Streep for her collusion in keeping Harvey Weinstein’s scandalous reputation a secret. He’s also targeted the Grammys and their attending artists for supporting the cause-du-jour #MeToo while simultaneously over-sexualizing women and promoting women as sexual objects.


With the Oscars just around the corner, Sabo has struck again. Our friends over at An Open Secret – an incredible documentary about the horrific pedophiliac culture being covered up in Hollywood – shared some pictures of the billboards that have been put up in Hollywood.

This reflects how many in America felt during the self-gratifying circle-perk that was the Golden Globes this year. #MeToo was out in full strength, and while women were congratulating themselves on stage for being so “woke”, not one had the courage to name a name or call out the filth in their own house.

Americans don’t need Hollywood pointing fingers at our personal choices while they cover up for pedophiles and rapists to protect their fat paychecks.

Just look pretty and entertain us. We can think for ourselves.


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